End of March madness

And just like that, March is over. Make that 1/4 of 2014, over, gone, no more.

Where did the time go?

I’ve not blogged regularly for myself this month, and it was because I was super busy, from the beginning of March onwards. It was a crazy but fun month! Here’s a recap in photos and captions.

There was plenty of time for crafts and activities with Vito, of course. This is one thing I will not compromise, and thankfully, my clients know this. Whenever I have to cancel a meeting in favor of Vito, they know and they support it. That’s the beauty of working with wonderful women, some of the mothers also who, like me, are working hard for their kids.

There’s no way I want to miss days like these:

make it blissful march 2014 -1
Vito doing tearing paper crafts, his current favorite art form expression this March. I’ll do a blog post of his favorites!

I also had lots of workshops! March was my “workshop-est” month, I’d say. I had the Blog Your Best Shot workshop with MiaYMarch.com (which she wrote about here on her blog, miaymarch.com) I’m preparing a blog post on that, but there are so many nice photos I took that I am still working on it!

make it blissful march 2014 -2
One of the snaps from my iPhone. Paper Chic Studio sponsored the patterned papers, straws and accessories that we used for the styling tutorials!

I also had a Blogging 101 Workshop with Enderun Extension, the lifelong learning program department of Enderun Colleges. This workshop was particularly exciting for me, as it marked a sort-of “return” to a campus, LOL. I haven’t taught in a lecture room for five years now, and have never even set foot in a college classroom (because, as you know, I never went to college). So it was a new experience to be teaching college professors, career women, marketing & PR professionals, as well as Enderun students, about blogging. More on that, too, in a future post!

make it blissful march 2014 - march 4
Minutes before my class last March 29, for Enderun Extension. They asked me to teach two more classes this summer.

This March, I also ventured into a new business: coworking. Now, you all know me as the work-at-home mom, but I am a believer in working outside the home once in a while, especially on days when we mommies need a creative fix, or just a change of scenery. The new coworking space that we created within The EDSA Beverage Design Studio provides a different working and collaborative environment for self-employed professionals and freelancers, and we are about to open our doors in mid-April. You’ll find me here once a week.

make it blissful march 2014 -3
The Conservatorium, a collaborative room used for meetings, brainstorm sessions, creative head-butting — you get the picture.

It’s been a busy month. I’ve lost some sleep, admittedly! But, I’m happy to say that it’s all worked out. Despite the busyness, our family also got to have some time-outs, such as our Casa Luminaria day trip, and last weekend, a staycation at the F1 hotel with some other family and lifestyle bloggers. Truly God knew how to give our family a break from routine!

make it blissful march 2014 5With Louise (mommypracticality.com), Jana of Sugar ‘n’ Spice and Joy of Occasions of Joy during our Sunday breakfast buffet at the F1 Hotel in Bonifacio Global City

Yes, March was a bit mad, and full of work for me. I was like, “I’m not even one of those moms who has to take care of grad balls, graduations, and summer activities, and I’m already frazzled!” I’m glad that after the slew of workshops and classes, I can finally take a breath!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved March, despite the busy-ness. I loved the teaching moments, the new clients, the new business ventures. But I am slowing down in April, thankfully, and enjoying the summer months to their fullest! We’re going on an out-of-the-country trip, Ton and I, at the end of the summer, which I’m looking forward to! We’ll also be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary in mid-April, so that’ll be something to write about!

Anyway, this is just a wrap-up of the madness. I look forward to sitting down, writing more stories, recalling more memories!

How was March for you? In fact: How was the first quarter of 2014 for you?! Waaaah, time’s whizzing by so fast! Let’s chat in the comments, OK?!


  1. says

    What a super busy Mommy! With lots of happy blessings! March was super busy for me with work. I am praying that I can have more time for Timmy and my family soon, if it’s in His plans. Crossing my fingers and praying for it!

  2. Mia says

    Wow, I wish i had your energy and drive! You really one big role model and inspiration :-) wishing that you rub off more work to me so i can go home to Manila often yay!!!

  3. says

    You’ve been busy! :) Hooray for the new venture and new classes to teach! How I wish I could go visit and have one of our brainstorming sessions there.

    Can’t wait to see you!!!!

  4. says

    I love the coworking space idea! It’s like a “tambayan” of freelancers. I hope, one day, someday, I can make tambay there ’cause I’m a freelancer. Hehe. But I love domesticity and all its complexities! There are just moments though when I feel that need to do something to help my husband financially. Argh, rambling again. Anyway, congrats to all of your endeavors this past quarter! First quarter pa lang yan ha. Excited ako sa mga susunod na kabanata. :) Hugs!

    • Martine says

      Nooooo, I’m not, dear Kaity, I assure you!! I just have a very detailed to-do list, and that is what helps me, LOL! But I do give up a LOT of stuff already, so I don’t get overworked. Even though March was very busy, these were all part of the plan. There were days I just wanted to stop and not work, and I did stop — haha! I think we have to be that way, diba? Especially for our kids’ sake. :)

      See you soon!

  5. says

    First quarter of the year was also busy for me but despite celebrating all of our 3 kids’ birthdays and a foreign travel, I still managed to attend 3 workshops and an art playdate. I think the coming weeks will come and go just as quickly but as long as I continue to play – with the art stuff, with my playmates, my family, the next quarter will be just as great!

  6. says

    The first quarter of 2014 literally went so fast. Since I have scheduled posts to write in my blog it wasn’t followed through because if the erratic schedule of my youngest. March though busy for me it was the happiest cause my youngest graduated from kindergarten. One proud momma here. Hahaha! I hope this coming April I will be able to update my blog (it is my birth month as well… 😉 )

    • Martine says

      I can relate, Grech! But, as a wise blogger named Frances said “Live so you can blog about it later.” I truly believe that! :)

      Happy birth month to you!!!

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