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Even though we just spent one night in Pico Sands Hotel and Pico de Loro, we had a splendid time! It’s like we had a taste of Boracay, the away I see it! On our second day, we spent the morning basking in the sun by the sea, and swimming until our fingers were pruny. Well, the boys did, anyway! I avoided the strong sun for the sake of my skin. (I’ve been doing RevLite treatments, but that’s another story!)

Enjoy the views of the Pico de Loro Beach Club. On a regular day, this area is only for members, not hotel guests. It’s got a different, more “luxe” vibe than the country club facility, and has an amazing view of the cove and beach.

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Mango shake (a beach essential!); sunblock from Nelly de Vuyst (new favorite, and highly recommended. Ask me about it!); shades; my Pico de Loro checklist and keycard; iPhone. Really, that’s all I need!

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Great pics, right? The beach club is a wonderful location for photos. In fact, a magazine crew and a bevy of models were with us when we went, for a swimsuit editorial.

Oh, I forgot to mention: The evening before, Celine Arenillo (our friend and very gracious MarComm manager for SM Hotels & the Pico de Loro Group) arranged for a moonlit dinner by the beach club. It was such fun! We had a spread of native cuisine, which included my favorite guilty pleasure, crispy pork (!) as well as the requisite Batangas beef bulalo.

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How quirky is this? The beach club security personal serenaded us with Eric Clapton and Parokya ni Edgar hits. Not kidding! They were pretty good!

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This was pretty good: Spinach and grilled prawn salad from the Pico Restaurant at the hotel.

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It’s great to know that there’s a place like this just 90 minutes away from Manila (which we soon discovered was true when we took the CavitEX route going back home). For me, Pico de Loro seems like an ideal place for —

  • Families who want a weekend getaway home not too far from Manila. It’s also a great place for weekend-long family reunions, I hear.
  • Anyone looking for a seaside residence within a community-like environment (There are activities that the Pico Group plans for those who reside in the condos, such as sports, weekend parties, etc.);
  • Retirees and those who want a relaxing, very chilled out retirement residence just a couple of hours from the city;
  • Companies who want to get corporate memberships, so that their people can use the amenities for workshops, conferences, or group holidays. There’s lots to do here, which makes it an ideal getaway spot for team building sessions and retreats.

Thank you, Pico de Loro and SM Hotels for having our family over. We sure hope to be back again!

For membership inquiries, please contact +63 2 945 8000. To make a reservation at Pico Sands Hotel, please call + 63 2 464 7800 or +63 2 464 7888. Stay connected by visitingwww.picodelorcove.comwww.hamilocoast.com and facebook.com/picosandshotel.