praying wife

By Tina Rodriguez of Truly Rich Mom

Let me begin this post with a confession: I don’t like my husband all the time. In fact, on some days — days that have been extra challenging — I find myself wondering, “How in the world did we ever end up together?”

Okay… there, I’ve said it.

Thankfully, those days are few and far between now. After being married for seven years, I know that moments like those are fleeting and I know now how to handle those thoughts. There are many “strategies” laid out by marriage and relationship experts on how to deal with difficulties with your spouse but I always find myself coming back to this: prayer.

There is power in prayer — I totally believe this.

I also believe that prayer is especially powerful when you are praying for someone you love.

Thanks to Stormie O’Martian, who is the author of the book that inspired the title of this post, I discovered just how powerful praying for your loved ones can be. The power of a praying wife is something we should all consider and “tap into,” especially on the days when we (I know you’ve had those days — I’ve had my fair share of them!)


I could come up with a long list of good things that can come about when you start covering your husband in prayer, but let me just cite a few:

  • Your husband will be blessed.
  • Your marriage will be blessed.
  • Your children will be blessed, if you have any, but this counts for your “future children” as well.
  • You will be blessed.
  • You will bless others with the testimony of your marriage and family life.

It may sound corny or cliché but it’s true. Once you begin to ask for God’s power (yes, the “power” of a praying wife comes from Him, of course) to move in your husband’s life, the blessings will come. I’m not saying that your marriage and family life will become perfect, nor will your trials, challenges and problems disappear overnight. But believe me, the difficulties of life will become easier to bear. In other words, you will learn to “make it blissful,” as we like to say over here.


So how do we begin praying for our husbands? Here are a few tips, from a wife who is a “non-expert” but is journeying in faith towards a better prayer life:

  1. Make a decision to be prayerful. Or at least pray more than you usually do. Many of us — myself included — struggle with finding time to pray amidst our hectic schedules. Still, we would be more blessed and blissful if we chose to find time to pray. We can start with just five minutes a day, then work our way up. We can even inject prayer into our daily routines — when we’re doing chores, when we’re working, when we’re playing with the kids, etc.
  2. Ask God to change your heart, first and foremost. At the beginning of Stormie’s book, she writes about her “Three-Word Prayer.” She used to pray, “Change him, Lord” a lot, referring to her husband, until she realized that she needed to change first. So let us ask God to soften our hearts and purify our motives for praying, especially for our husbands.
  3. Pray for your husband and all the aspects of his life. Stormie lists the following areas which we can pray for:
  • His wife (yes, you!)
  • His work
  • His finances
  • His sexuality
  • His affection
  • His temptations
  • His mind
  • His fears
  • His purpose
  • His choices
  • His health
  • His protection
  • His trials
  • His integrity
  • His reputation
  • His priorities
  • His relationships
  • His fatherhood
  • His past
  • His attitude
  • His marriage
  • His emotions
  • His walk
  • His talk
  • His repentance
  • His deliverance
  • His obedience
  • His self-image
  • His faith
  • His future

Now this may seem too much for us to handle all at once, so try to see which aspect or area your husband needs prayer cover the most and start from there. The important thing is to start somewhere.

When it is difficult to pray, do it anyway.

You will be amazed at how persevering in prayer will bless you, your husband and the other members of your family.

I know your life is different from mine and so is your marriage. I also know though that whatever differences we may have, we all want to have happier lives and marriages. So why not try tapping into the power of God to change our lives and our marriages — the power of prayer? Don’t worry, we’ll be cheering you on all the way!

Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life.
PROVERBS 31:10-12
Have you ever experienced the power of prayer in your marriage? Come share!

Photo Credit: Nina Matthews Photography via Compfight cc