This blog post is inspired by the #PHNet20 hashtag, which marked the Philippines’ 20th year on the Internet.

One of my geeky pleasures is going to and looking up websites from way, way, way back! It’s a lot of fun for me, and I have no idea whether or not it has anything to do with my love for history. The screenshot below is the homepage of my first blog “”, when news sites (or what we now know as “weblog”, or simply a “blog”) first came out. ( was the newsblog provider of, which began in 1999 and was a predecessor of platforms like Blogger and WordPress.)

There’s nothing there anymore except this:

martine's first blog

This was my “goodbye” from the blog world in 2003, after two years of blogging from 2001-2003. It was the first time I “quit” blogging.

Back story on this blog, so you get the context of my “girl is gone” message: I started my first blog in 2001. I learned simple HTML and graphic design through it, and maintained it regularly until 2003, when I was “encouraged” by my church group elder to stop for some reason.

Well, to cut a long story short, I shut down my personal blog and instead started managing other websites for the church community.

(For the record: Even though I was “encouraged” to stop personal blogging, I did learn a lot from those website management jobs. I’ve adapted with the Web and social media, of course, and still do website management for a few, select websites in the Philippines.)

OK, so back to my story. I didn’t go back into blogging until 2009, when I started a blog to document my pregnancy, and another to document my son Vito’s first year. (Both are private now.) Then, I began Dainty Mom in 2010 — and the rest is stuff you all know already.


Dainty Mom’s first branded look, by Fancy Girl Design Studio

Dainty Mom was my “reboot” into blogging.

What is a “reboot”?

The Free Dictionary defines a reboot as —

“to shut down and restart (a computer system) or (of a computer system) to shut down and restart;”
“to resuscitate, revive – cause to regain consciousness;”

I like that: “to shut down so that a system or object can be revived or regain consciousness.”

Since beginning my mommy blog in 2010, I’ve actually undergone four re-designs, one for each year of its existence. Because I’m a visual person, and I am inspired by beautiful things, having my blog redesigned visually is essential for me as a blogger!

With each re-design of my blog’s “face,” I realized I also had an internal re-boot as a blogger. ((I wrote about internal design and your brand (or blog’s) soul, too. Do check it out, if you can.)

Each time I re-designed, I also re-booted: I shut down my blog’s “internal system” so that it could “be revived or regain consciousness.” The word “conscious” meant I had the opportunity to go back to my intentions, and reaffirm my blog’s purpose. I had the chance to reflect on why I was blogging and what each re-design meant. For each “revamp,” I also had a plan to make the content better, to reach more people, and to build community around the blog.

workspace 3

When I launched the Dainty Mom blog as “Make it Blissful” at the start of 2014, I also renewed my blogging intentions.  I wanted —

 …. to do fewer things and do them better;

… to live more and do “stuff” less;

… to blog in alignment with what I believed was true to myself. 

After all the lessons, milestones and mistakes, rebooting the blog helped me to clear out the clutter that I had accumulated through the years.

When I  “shut down to be revived and regain consciousness” as a blogger, I knew I could go deeper into the subject of finding bliss, and crafting a journey that made me come alive as a woman. And not just that: I wanted other women — women I’d met in my blogging journey, especially — to join in.

And that’s why today, Make it Blissful isn’t just my blog. It’s consciously a collaborative blog, with a collective of contributors from all over the world, women who want to share the journey of bliss. That’s why I’ve also asked some other awesome ladies to join the team, who are all committed to living practically yet beautifully as moms, wives, homemakers, careerwomen, and bloggers. They are friends and fellow “bliss-finders,” and I am thrilled that they have decided to collaborate with me. (More on them in another post!)

I’m not yet done with this reflection. I’m open to creating a discussion around this, especially for the many ladies who’ve emailed or left comments asking about their own “blogging reboots.” Have you considered one? Did you stop a blog before and would you like to revive it, or maybe start a new one? Why, for what reason? I hope we can talk about it in the comments below, and possibly even do a series here on the blog. Thoughts?