making time for nothing

I’m the kind of person who needs to make time for nothing. It’s just my character, I guess! See, if I don’t schedule “nothing” time, I get stressed. I know that I’ll eventually say “yes” to “something!

It’s very telling of the kind of person I can be. Being busy is like a drug to me at times. I love the energy I feel when I dive headlong into something. And I’m not just talking about work, OK? This “diving headlong” into things includes activities with my son, business & play with my husband, too. I have a tendency to wrap myself up in things, family and work, so much so that I get tired, and in the past, even sick! Talk about running oneself ragged, right?

I’d like to think I have quite a balanced work-personal life arrangement, given our work-at-home setup in the De Luna family. But when I start saying “yes” to things that take me away from things like health, well-being, even rest, then I know I have to start reassessing things.

March and April have been toxic. Honestly, everything has been a blur since March began. This is because I said “yes” to sooooo many things, things like —

  • Meetings
  • Workshops (I had three between mid-March and April. Insane.)
  • Writing (magazine gigs, copywriting)
  • Sponsored posts for the blog (and I don’t even do a lot, right, Nuffnang?)
  • Putting up two new businesses which have to be running by April 21st and May 4th, respectively (which means I’m up to my ears in launch work)
  • Stuff for the family: Parties, birthdays, the usuals.

Again, don’t get me wrong. I’ve very  grateful for how life is right now. But seriously, it’s made me tired for weeks. My Emily Ley Simplified calendar for March – April has an insane amount of activity on it, it’s totally not “simple”!

workspace 5 - WAHM mentoring

I’m so glad there’s a break for a few days this Holy Week. And after this week, I’ve made sure I have plenty of “no busyness” (business, too) days on my calendar. I simply need them to function.

What do I plan to do? Well, aside from catching my breath and some sleep, I plan on catching up on some reading. I’ve been too busy to even read the new book I just bought Notes from a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider of The Art of Simple. Actually, I started reading it as soon as I got it, but I stopped in the middle of the 4th or 5th chapter even never looked back! Huhuhuhuhu. Not goodAnd not good, when the topic of the book is all about slowing down, living life more intentionally.

And there’s the rub.

See, everything I mentioned on my “busy-holic” list is stuff I enjoy doing. It’s a lot, but I have done them all without complaints, without feeling like, “Hey, I don’t want to be doing this right now.” I’ve said “Yes” to things that agree with my way of thinking, my idea of “bliss” and happiness.

But even then, I can get too busy doing the things I really like to do — and lose rest, recovery and reflection time along the way.

I want to slow down some more. That’s why I said “no” to doing a third workshop at Enderun (even though the first two I did were very successful). I said “no” to some people who wanted to do blog coaching with me, and asked that they instead consider reserving a slot with me ahead of time (which they have done here). I said “no” to some sponsored posts for the blog, some meetings that people wanted to set, some

It’s good to say “no” when you know you have to say “yes” to yourself. 

It’s OK to say “no” to things, people, activities and events that will overtake or overshadow what truly matters to you.

It’s best to say “no” to the busy-ness that prevents you from saying “yes” to the people you love, the projects you value, and even the rest that you crave.

I’m saying “no” to busy-ness and saying “yes” to rest. Do you want to join me?
If so, then do one of two things:
1. Leave a comment below and tell me how you’re going to say “yes” to rest.
2. Take a photo on Instagram of something that encapsulates your “rest,” and hashtag it #makeitblissful