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It’s time for another installment of Blog Love! I’ll be introducing you more to my fellow Blissmakers for the rest of the year. I have fourteen amazing women on the contributors’ roster this year, and though I’ve featured a number of them already, there are still a few ladies worth mentioning — and their blogs worth covering. Today, it’s my pleasure to have Mommy Practicality herself, Louise Fandino, on Blog Love. Here’s her amazing journey as a blogger!

Why’d you start blogging?

My love for journaling my life experiences started when I was in Grade 6.  I always kept a diary with me year after year.  I took it online during Friendster and Multiply days.  But the chronicling was very personal – who would want to read about my sentimental posts plus rants I asked, so I just stopped.

In 2012, while preparing for my son’s second birthday party, I was searching for resources online on how I could throw a great party on a budget.  Not very satisfied with what I read, the idea of blogging came to me.  I started officially in July even without knowing any tools for and technicalities of blogging, not knowing any bloggers or blogging communities, not knowing about blog design and not knowing how to get people to read it, I just wrote about my life experiences which I think would be great sources of information to moms.

Later it occurred to me how powerful blogs could be in touching individuals, in helping and inspiring the readers.  That’s why I persevered and took it seriously.  I want to make a difference and be able to give back to God for all the blessings I’ve been receiving.


I remember feeling excited, accomplished and proud of myself each time I finish an article and post it on my blog. I didn’t even think if anybody was reading my posts. I started to follow popular blogs related to my niche (mostly mommy bloggers), study optimization of blog posts and analytics, join communities, and fixed my blog design. All of which truly signaled the birth of Mommy Practicality.

What does a typical “blogging schedule” look like for you?

When I was starting, my blogging schedule was a lot different from how I schedule it today. Before, blogging would eat up my resting time after coming home from work. I would blog immediately after dinner and finish on the wee hours of the morning. I guess it was because I was just too excited about coming up with content and publish it right away. I also used to attend each and every event I was invited to even if it would sacrifice some family time on weekends. Until I came to realize that that “blogging schedule” wasn’t healthy anymore and was starting to affect my relationship with my family.

Now, I make use of my free time productively and I don’t do it everyday. Because I have a full-time career, I make use of my lunch or coffee breaks to draft a post. I can even blog while commuting home using my mobile phone. At home, I blog when my family is asleep at night or before they wake up in the morning. On events during weekdays, I attend those whose venues are near my office and only during lunch time. While for weekend events, I only choose to attend those where I can bring the family so weekends are still spent with them.



Mommy Practicality Ver. 2.0


What do you love most about blogging, right now?

With blogging I get to do something I am passionate about, helping, inspiring and empowering women and moms. Receiving comments and private messages from my readers about how my posts were helpful and inspiring, gives me so much joy. These readers are the real reasons why God made a way to make blogging work for me. Other than that, I was able to meet wonderful people along my blogging journey whom I share the same passion with. Blessings came pouring in one after the other because as they say, the more you share, the more you receive. Lastly, blogging has transformed me into the better version of myself. It truly is one of my life’s best decisions – more than helping others, it has helped me discover my purpose in life.

How do you balance work, mommying, marriage and blogging? Tell us your secrets?

Balancing everything could actually be a challenge. It’s chaos at home and it’s chaos at work. While blogging to me is therapeutic and it relieves my stress. The key to balancing everything is to know what your priorities are. Family comes first and foremost. Work and blogging comes next. By the way, there’s one more important area that I find time for, it’s Me-time.





Mommy Practicality on Make it Blissful

Wes, hubby Macky, Louise, and Dandre

 What have been some of your most enjoyable blogging experiences?

The firsts are those of which I find enjoyable because the positive energy that fills me whenever I get excited about something activates the child in me. For me, feeling like a child (at heart) is one of the most enjoyable moments in life. I will never forget the first family event I ever attended to where I won best Halloween costume with my son, the first time I met you and was star struck, the event where I was in attendance with most of the bloggers I look up to and couldn’t believe I’m in the same room with them, attending the first Write-on Mom workshop where my eyes welled up during the mommy sharing, my first radio guesting and being Nuffnang’s featured blogger.


Mommy Practicality is featured in the March 2014 Nuffnang Blogger of the Month column.

What’s in store for Mommy Practicality?

I will continue blogging for as long as I can because it is a channel for me to serve God and others. New blog design is happening soon. I also plan to start a working mom community and organize workshops or events which will equip them to be the best wife and mom at home and a career woman at work. I pray that I’ll continue to get the support of my readers and that my blog partners continue to trust Mommy Practicality so that soon I can make all these exciting things happen.

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