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Instagram is undoubtedly my favorite social network platform. Ever since I started snapping grams during my Italian holiday two years ago, I was hooked. And thanks to IG, I stumbled upon A Vanilla Story(In the interest of the entrepreneur behind the brand, I’ll not be mentioning her name. But she is, without a doubt, a woman of bliss.)

I started to follow A Vanilla Story on Instagram this year, and her account is one of beauty and inspiration. (Do check her feed out here: @avanillastory) A former advertising executive, she semi-retired and somehow fell in love with what is — for me, anyway — the chicest and sweetest of all the spices: Vanilla.

The result? An blissful brand and line of premium vanilla-based and vanilla-inspired products that she and her husband crafted out of pure passion. (The husband we’ll call @theVanillaCo, who is Manila’s finest supplier of world-class vanilla extract, pastes and beans). I personally always have a stash of their awesome Tahitian and Bourbon Vanilla Extracts.

A Vanilla Story - featuredThe entire A Vanilla Story line, which I shot in my new event rental studio, Slate Creative Studio

I was smitten with the handmade, knitted Vanilla Bears, which @avanillastory personally made for me in my favorite colors, pink and grey. Incidentally, those are my blog’s colors, too! How serendipitous and blissful, I thought!

She came over to my coworking space one Friday afternoon, where she personally gave me those adorable Vanilla Bears. The knit versions are hand-knit by @avanillastory herself, from her home in the hills of Tagaytay. Here’s the basket she brought over that afternoon. The details had me smitten!

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When I asked about where the products were sold, I learned that they were only available online (by emailing and also at the general store in Sonya’s Garden, Tagaytay. So they are, in fact, specialized and slowly-accessible products. And purposefully, so: @avanillastory’s relaxing line of products are meant to inspire ladies like us to take things slowly, to enjoy the art of doing nothing.

What a remarkable thought! The products really do make me want to cuddle up in bed or on the couch, read a book or listen to music, while the scent of pure vanilla fills the air, either lulling me to sleep or inspiring me to daydream.

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A Vanilla Story - vanilla products

What I love about A Vanilla Story is her philosophy in creating products that can help people relax, take things easy and de-stress. Inspired by her quiet life in the hills, she created products that fit in with these values. They are also all organic, 100%!

The Vanilla Cream Lotion is great for hand therapy and hand-to-arm massages, even foot massages.

The Bug-Off Mosquito Repellent (which I use on Vito and myself, because we’re mozzy magnets!) is lightly scented and safe for children.

I also love the Clean Hands 100% Organic Vanilla Hand Sanitizer, a moisturizing gel that you can conveniently attach to your bag for easy access. I’m out of it, so I need to buy more! Leaves my hands with a non-sticky feel and yummy scent!

A Vanilla Story - vanilla bears

My favorite product? The Vanilla Bears, which are aromatherapy knitted teddy bears infused with pure organic vanilla oil. Host of heaven! It’s divine! (I love my Tahitian Pink Vanilla Bear, shown above in my bedside caddy, which is, not surprisingly, pink.)

lI love spraying the Eau de Vanille Cologne on my Vanilla Bears, which I go to bed with these days. They’re not really for kiddies, girls: These luxe bears are for us to enjoy during those “me times”! (But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with getting your kid one! They might feel like eating it, LOL. The scent is super yummy.)

This is one truly blissful product line. I love it. You will, too, so if you want to order your @avanillastory products, then call (+63) 916 460-8888, or send an email to



  1. says

    Thank you for the wonderful write-up and review of A Vanilla Story products!! I love the photography and styling of the products in your gorgeous new event space.The Vanillabears look very cozy there.

    Thanks too Patricia for the follow ( i follow you too!) and loving Vanillas. Thanks Ben for liking our Vanillas and making your Vanillabear useful haha! Never thought of that use!!:)

    Beautiful write-up and blog Martine!:)

    • Martine says

      A, it is such a pleasure using the Vanilla Body Care products. I’ll be ordering again! They inspired me so much, so I knew that Slate Creative Studio would be the perfect place to shoot them. Again, thanks for creating such a wonderful, inspired line. It’s fortuitous that my studio is located in the same building as one of your purveyors for the vanilla extract, haha!

  2. Ben says

    Great review!

    My favorite is their bourbon vanilla extract – I add a few drops to every cup of my coffee.

    And I got a vanilla bear as a wrist cushion for my mouse hand. :)

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