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I chose to work in our new coworking space today, HoneyComb Manila Coworking. I had set some appointments with some people I will be featuring on the blog, and also took the chance at an extended time for catching up with work. I had a pretty rough week last week, no thanks to a strained back that practically rendered me useless.

Anyway, as I met with my first appointment (hi, Ginger!), I voiced out how quickly the first half of the year had gone by. I mean, I probably say that all the time at the beginning of each month, but I really meant it in a stressed-out kind of way. I suppose after a week of not being able to work properly, I realized that work could wait, and that I was no longer used to the feeling of doing, well, nothing.

It was a deliberately slow week. Slow because I was unhurried by my to-do list and projects. Slow, because my body was telling me to take a break. Slow, because I suddenly realized Oh gosh, Vito’s so huge already. Waaaaaah… I want another baby.

Slowness does that to me. I get to think about things in a no-pressure kind of way, but I also get to reflect on the things I may have or could miss out on, if I don’t slow down.

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Which brings me to the point of why I’m writing this today.

Remember how about a year ago, I attended Blogging Your Way, an online creative blogging course? It was then that I revamped my blog (which was previously called Dainty Mom) into less of a marketing platform, more of a blog about my bliss. Though I started actively using the word “bliss” early on in my blogging, I only came to have my own definition of it this past year. After attending Blogging Your Way, then going through Jess Lively’s With-Intention one-on-one coaching, and finally wrapping that up with Jonathan Mead’s Trailblazer course, I began to build my “assets” for blogging bliss.

What I found out later on was that this wasn’t some new, ground-breaking idea.

In fact, blogging more deliberately, more intentionally, and even less often is a movement that has actually been in another niche of blogging.

We call this slow blogging.

What is “slow blogging”?

There is actually a movement behind this concept of slow blogging. You can read that on Todd Sieling’s blog, where I first stumbled upon his “Slow Blog Manifesto.” The New York Times actually picked up the manifesto in a feature entitled “Haste, Scorned: Blogging at a snail’s pace” in 2012.

While I love and give a nod to everything in the Manifesto, it’s declaration no. 2 that really spoke to me — and still does:

slow blogging

I loved this manifesto as soon as I read it, because it spoke so much of what I felt in my heart, what I wanted to make of my blogging platform. I know, I may stick out like a loony amidst the other lifestyle blogs out there, but then I’m glad that I do. See, this is the type of blogging that feels natural to me.

Blogging about living less hurried lives;

… about what I’m really loving at the moment (I don’t mean product reviews);

… about time-outs and out-of-town escapes with my family;

… about the art of meaningful blogging, writing;

… about taking my imperfect life and reflecting on what is still joyful and happy about it.

Doing less of what I feel I need to blog

One of my intentions for Make it Blissful as a blog was to let it be a venue for me to blog more meaningfully. Less events, more adventure. Less work, more time outs. Less posts, but more quality content that came from the heart, the soul. I know that if blogging is ever going to work for me at this point in my life, I have to actually do less of what I feel I should blog, and just do more of the things that add to my life.

For me, this means constant learning (I’m always doing some kind of course) and pursuing the things I enjoy (Hobbies. Going back to Pilates. Reading more. Traveling with my family more often, though not necessarily more expensively.). You know, just being filled up with things that will really mean something to me.

I’m still on this journey.

I’m still learning to say “no” to a lot of things that make me a hurried, stressed out mess of a woman. But I can assure you, I’m getting better. I’m not seeking perfection or a state of “having it all.”

On the contrary.

I’d rather do less of what’s perceived about me as a blogger, and more of what I believe makes me happy as a blogger. And if taking it slow on my blog — less posts, more meaning — is what it takes, then I’m going right for that. What about you?

UPDATE: If you want to join the “slow blogging” movement here in the Philippines at least, then join us on the Life Bliss Weekend this MAY 24-25. Yes, a weekend of going back to our core strengths, finding out our intentions for our lives, AND how blogging can be a tool to help us achieve that blissful, balanced lifestyle that we desire. More details are on the Life Bliss Weekend page, as well as registration details.

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