Blissful Blogging 101 - 1

Our threads in the Make it Blissful Bloggers Mastermind are getting more and more interesting, thanks to the influx of fresh members who are excited to take their blogging journey seriously. I always say during my workshops that blogging is not for everyone. If you’re not willing to give the time and effort it takes to create great content and nurture your community of readers and followers, then you will likely be in danger of faltering, or failing to blog altogether.

I should know. I had like five or so blogs before I created one that really meant something for me. Even with the small successes of my first “real” blog, Dainty Mom, I felt like I had only scratched the surface.

Blogging has always been a study for me, not just something fleeting on the side. If it was something silly or trivial, I would not have invested in so many courses and mentorships over the last two years, haha! Thankfully, those have all experienced an ROI beyond anything monetary (although I’ve made a good income, by and by.)

Last June 14th, fifteen ladies got to experience a crash course in building a blog. We talked about the many different kinds of blogs that they could create, the different methods and designs they could try, but I stressed one thing: This blogging this takes real work.

blissful blogging 101 - 2

In the spirit of encouragement (especially after reading some of the concerns in the Mastermind group), I wanted to give my fellow blog belles (what we call each other in the workshop) a bit of motivation for their blogging efforts. It’s easy to start a blog, even for free, but it’s not easy to maintain a consistent blog, not without passion, purpose and a plan. If we’re going to succeed in blogging — or in any venture at all, for that matter — we have to plan our steps, work according to our purpose, and stay passionate. And so, I’ve compiled a few tips for bloggers in a rut or new bloggers, all inspired by some quotes by some pretty awesome trailblazers themselves.

“You could have a million ideas; they are worthless if you don’t get them done”. — Lauren Amarante

What does this mean? This means just start writing those blog posts. A list of topics and ideas is useless without you putting them to work. Sometimes the best blog posts come when we write in the moment. For those who aren’t “programmed” to write, this might be challenge. But writing like any other skill is best honed when done, when practiced. Sometimes you won’t have a perfect blog post: That’s OK! Just start something, as my friend Yeng always says.

“Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.” — Andrew Sullivan

Taking off from the point above: Blogging isn’t rocket science. It is meant to be experimental, to be “alive”, in the moment. There’s no magic formula to blogging success except to keep at it. And when you keep at it, you seek growth, improvement, you are impassioned to keep doing better.

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on a blog that’s great for your readers.” — Brian Clark
“A blog is only interesting as the interest shown in others.” — Lee Odden

Blogging flows from within you, but never forget that if you want to build up that blog, you have an audience to consider. When you love your readers, when you are real with them and they know you to be genuine and authentic, that’s when your blog becomes “great for your readers.” Just ask some of the most successful bloggers out there. It’s not the number of endorsements, brand partnerships or traffic that “makes” them as a blogger. You are only as good a blogger as your readers make you. Be grateful for them. Give back to them. Make sure that when they leave your blog, they have a great experience.

These blogging quotes were from a wonderful article at Income Diary. Check out the full article for inspiration! And, if you want to join my next Blissful Blogging 101 Workshop, there are still a handful of slots left for July 5th! Sign up here: