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I spent around two days collectively in the Tiong Bahru district during my last trip to Singapore, and most of that time was spent in the Bloesem shop and creative space. Since I was primarily in Singapore to attend Erin Loechner’s blogging for success class, I also took the time to talk to Irene Hoofs (the creative blogger behind the Bloesem Blogs and the owner of the space),

Meeting Irene was a real treat for me. Aside from having been a student of hers last year during the Blogging Your Way “Blog Boss” e-course, I’ve also looked up to her for the way she has extended her blogging influence beyond just the digital platform. The Bloesem creative space, shop and class facility feels like you’re stepping into the Bloesem blogs, and it’s all because of Irene’s vision, really, which is to showcase high-quality, excellent European design and make it available to those in Singapore and online (via their e-commerce arm,

Irene Hoofs and I, as captured by my husband, Ton, who was taking photos of the shop.

Irene Hoofs and I, as captured by my husband, Ton, who was taking photos of the Bloesem Creative Space.

The shop is more than just a boutique, really. I believe Irene intended for it to be a creative “well”, an avenue for design-minded, creative individuals and entrepreneurs, and a hub for those who are passionate about new ideas and fresh inspiration. Its counterpart, Bloesem Class, is yet another “branch of the Bloesem tree,” as Irene puts it. These classes provided a way to bring the expertise of leaders in the design & craft world to those (in Singapore, specifically), who would like to learn. 

I was so privileged to have attended a class here. It’s such an invigorating space!

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Bu! Blankets and child aprons by Fine Little Day; tea towels by Tas-ka

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Vintage tin decor by Bloesem Vintage

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Assorted items from Corby Tindersticks and the Little Quote jar

My favorite corner was at the back of the shop, where the Brita rugs were displayed, along with the Fine Little Day decor. I ended up purchasing my very own Brita Sweden vinyl rug for our living room, some paper flowers by Jurianne Matter, and some fun fake tattoos for Vito, by Tattly.

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Lovely leather totes by Bookhou

Lovely leather totes by Bookhou; the white box is a Time Capsule by Make History Co.

The Bloesem shop and creative space is worth a visit next time you’re in Singapore. What’s fab is that you can connect with Irene and Zara (Bloesem’s resident “creative” stylist/writer/shop manager, et al.) over on Instagram, at @bloesemblogs and @zaaras, respectively. It’s a great way to build a connection before you drop by the shop, and to keep the conversation going even after you leave.

Bloesem creative space is located at #01-79, 59 Eng Hoon Street, 160059, Tiong Bahru, Singapore. Email or call +65 6689 0146. The shop is open from Tuesdays to Sundays only. Visit for more details