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The Life Bliss Weekend was nothing short of amazing. There are just too many things that happened, from the extended times of coaching and mission-seeking, to the downtimes and moments of reflection and relaxation. In images, let me tell you what you can expect the next time we hold this blessed event (which hopefully more women will join!)

life bliss weekend 2

Be surrounded by beauty all day.  This first run of the Life Bliss Weekend was held in the lush and lively Casa Luminaria, a private estate tucked away in the plains surround Mt. Malarayat in Lipa, Batangas. It is — as we say it in the Philippines — “isang munting paraiso” (a little paradise). The sprawling grounds, the inspired ambiance (which, according to one of the ladies reminded them of the Maldives), the shaded lounge areas and abundant chaises, hammocks, beanbags and throw pillows: Everything makes you feel at home, though you’re far from home — and very happily so.

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Be surrounded by women on the journey to their strongest selves.  The Life Bliss Weekend was a time of reflection, revelation and revolution for the women who attended. At the core of the exercises and workshops we did was one word: MISSION. We delved into a series of activities that helped us focus on our core strengths, and also deal with our weaknesses. From career to personal relationships, we dug deep into the things we wanted to bring to LIFE or look at with a renewed, empowered perspective… and we did this, together.

The lounge-y vibe of Casa Luminaria helped greatly to put us into that open and relaxed state of mind. (Beanbags and chaises with waffle-weave cotton linens were in abundance!)

life bliss weekend 5

In a Life Bliss Weekend, there is ample “me” time.  While some portions of “me time” during a Life Bliss Weekend are planned (like our creativity break during the Day 1 afternoon session), these windows were in themselves moments of transformation. We had loads of fun creating monograms, thanks to Hey Kessy’s presence during our event.

life bliss weekend 8

No rules, only inspiration. This is what one can expect from the “down” times and “me times” during this kind of weekend. Of course, being all-women, there is always ample time for conversations over crafts!

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life bliss weekend 9

You’ll always have good food + great company. Meal times during the Life Bliss Weekend this year were memorable, both the food and the company. Eating out by the pool or in the main dining verandas gave us ample time to chat and get to know each other better, and would often do “catch-ups” on the afternoon’s exercises and activities.

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You will never feel alone or dissatisfied. After spending a day and a half with women who are on the journey towards their strongest selves, their most exuberant and blissful lives, you feel a sense of community and companionship with your “blissfinders.” You know you have found new, real friends. You also realize that the best version of you — that creative, nurturing, powerful, authentic, talented “you” — is in you and thriving alongside your new friends.

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life bliss weekend 9

In many ways, you become like a kid again, because you come out of the Life Bliss Weekend filled with purpose, with passion and drive to live towards your mission. Your Life Bliss Journal — a scrapbook, notebook and diary of the weekend — becomes your testament, your record book for life, your to-do list on your journey as a stronger “you.” Your crafts and creations (maybe even your doodles, paintings, sketches or poems) become mementos of a weekend that awakened you to all you can be, all that you already are.

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life bliss weekend 15

The Life Bliss Weekend is more than an event. For this, the first run, we the organizers meant for it to be a “test run”, since we had just five ladies who ended up taking on the weekend. At first, we considered calling it off or postponing it, but something prompted us to commit to it and to those who had bravely begun the journey to bliss. And we are so, so happy we took the risk and plunged right into this new concept, this weekend away.

And these women — these lucky five — will always know they were pioneers in the art of “blissfinding”: Living life with the confidence that they have a true and unique gift to the world that only they can give.

life bliss weekend 1
(L-R: Me; The “Life Bliss Alumni 2014” : Cheryl, Roselle, Joyce, Vera, Dette; the trainers from The Exuberant You: Kathy Alviar and Apa Alviar)

We’re thrilled at the outcome of the Life Bliss Weekend. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank our Maker & God for His abundant blessings and goodness, and for being our guardian as we wrote the program and modules for the Life Bliss Weekend. We thank the journeying women who pioneered this weekend — Cheryl, Roselle, Joyce, Vera and Dette: You ladies are amazing! And I personally thank my friends and co-conspirators in this weekend, Apa and Kathy of The Exuberant You: Your vision and mission to equip others to live lives to the full is a gift and a blessing to the world. Thank you for teaching us by example of how to live, how to love, and how to persevere in this life, exuberantly.

Were you not able to join us for the Life Bliss Weekend? What questions do you have? Would you like to join us next time, and if so, why? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.