Those Deeper Cravings.

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I’ve just entered the second trimester, and while I’m still feeling a bit of the “ickies”/”baby woozies” from time to time, I’m feeling much better than I’ve been in weeks.

Last Sunday (family day at my mom’s side), I had expressed a craving for cherry pie and apple pie. Why? I have no idea. I just wanted both pies. And so, my mom, being the awesome mom that she is when any of her daughters are pregnant (because all three of us — my sis-in-laws and I — are pregnant right now), decided she’d make both pies for Sunday merienda.

Yay! (That’s the apple pie pictured above. You’ll see the cherry pie later on.)

I wouldn’t recommend indulging in a whole pie to satisfy a craving, though. (For transparency, I had a slice of each pie, then stopped!)

Cravings during pregnancy are usually connected with our need for certain nutrients, at least according to some researches. A friend of mine said I was probably needing Vitamin C this whole first trimester, since I was craving things like sinigang (a tamarind-based Filipino stew of meat and veg), calamansi juice (Philippine lime juice) and things like that.

While my pregnancy cravings may have started, there are other things on my mind, aside from Korean barbecue and a big juicy steak.

I crave for several things right now.

1. I crave simplicity. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I can be a “busy-holic” at times. We’ve taken up this busy-holic tendency on Make it Blissful before, and we all agree that it’s got to have its limits. I have to say that since I wrote the first busy-holic article this April, I’ve improved. I’ve taken on less work, but I’ve still managed to meet my income targets through better-managed, high-yielding projects. I’m hoping this continues, because now I have more time to focus on this pregnancy: nap times, doctor’s appointments, etc.

But more than the simplicity of schedule, I crave for simplicity in all things.

Less stuff. More gratitude for the things we’ve already been blessed with.

Less going out, just for the sake of going out. More time for meaningful travels and trips with my family.

Less surfing and mindless social media. More time for making memories, especially with Vito, before he becomes a big brother.

I crave all these. I remind myself everyday to check if I’m purposefully working on this craving, to satisfy it properly.

2. I crave for a peaceful pregnancy.

My first pregnancy felt like it just whizzed by, and suddenly, I was about to give birth. That was five years ago, and a lot in me has changed. First, I’m 15 pounds heavier than my 1st pregnancy start weight. (I’m tipping the scale this week at 147 lbs. Yeah, I’ve no issues about the weight number.) Secondly, I feel like I’m not as fit as I was during the first pregnancy. I feel like I’m more drowsy than ever! I’m also on antibiotics now, to clear out an infection that might be harmful, if not dealt with early enough.

Right now, I’m praying that all goes well, that I’ll be able to keep to my supposedly-daily exercise of 20 minutes a day (so that I don’t lose the momentum I already have), that I’ll be able to keep more food down (and healthier food, at that! I’ve been craving some of the weirdest and sometimes unhealthiest things. Sigh). I’m also praying that I’ll be spiritually prepared for the birth.

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3. … and purposeful time with Vito, before he becomes a big brother.

My soon-to-be-eldest son is at the foremost of my thoughts these days. Each day, he talks to the baby inside me, telling it — at this point, he calls it a “she” — that he loves her, and that he’s praying for her. I swear, the hormones must be kicking in for me, because every time I realize Vito is going to be a big brother, my heart jumps a bit, and I say to myself something like, “This is happening. You can’t stop it, you have to make him ready for this.”

Honestly, it’s not easy. Vito’s in his last stretch of the developmental years, and I want so bad to make sure I am the best mom-teacher for him at this time. Am I doing enough? Does he know how much I love him? Will he learn how to love his new brother or sister? Will I be able to teach him how to be a good sibling — I seemed horrible to mine, haha!


Cravings come and go — like my craving for those pies — but these deep cravings linger with me each day. I wish it was as easy to satisfy them as indulging in some pie! But I guess I’ll have to just feel my way throughout these next few months. I’m aware that a lot of things are going to change, and that I’m just at the beginning. This pregnancy is not just going to test my appetite and tolerance for food. It’s going to challenge me to find ways to fill in the deeper longings I have in my heart.

To the moms out there: Did you have these deep inner “cravings” when you were pregnant? How’d you deal with them? 



  1. says

    Hi coach! I hope you’re doing and feeling better. I’ve been thinking about the same things for the past weeks — simplicity around us at home, inner peace and the time with kids! To be honest, the kids part scares me, too. I don’t know if I’m doing good at being my preschooler’s teacher at home… I guess I’m gonna have to find that out.

    Thank you for sharing this and for always inspiring women like me. I hope to see you soon!

  2. says

    Hi, Martine! I promised that I will spend more time with Mateo before he becomes a big brother after I release the Kindle version of my breastfeeding book. My husband and I and our eldest son stopped calling him baby when we got confirmation that I’m pregnant again. :) Now, he’s the one who corrects us when we make a “mistake” and call him baby. He says, “Kuya Mateo, not baby.” How cute! He has been talking, singing and “playing” with the baby in my tummy in the past months. I hope he’d be able to adjust to his new role when the baby arrives before Christmas. :)

    • Martine says

      That’s wonderful, Teresa. I guess we’re in the same boat, then, teaching our little ones how to be big brothers. Praying with you and for you. Can’t wait to read your book!

  3. says

    For my preggy cravings, I am serioulsy craving for Lays Sour Cream and Onion, Halo Halo and pomelos. :p
    My inner craving is rest. Which was given to me as I was requested to take a 2 week rest to ensure a safe first tri.

    Congratulations Martine! I hope I can meet you again, both of us with a baby bump. :)

    • Martine says

      I like naman the sour cream and onion chips of Planters!
      And rest, yes. When I think of rest right now, it’s not just from work, but from the stresses also of life. You’re preggy, too?? Yay!!! I’m glad you’re taking time off! You deserve to.

  4. says

    “my soon to be eldest son” that sound so sweet to me!

    Secind trimester na! That’s fast. During my last pregnancy, i was a busy-holic until my 8th month. Not good. My husband alwyas says that my son now is such a busy-holic because of what I was during the whole pregnancy. The baby ptince sort of imbibed it.

    • Martine says

      I know, isn’t it? I can’t keep up with it. I know I’m going to wake up one day with a huge belly and be like, “Whoa, how did THIS happen?” Hahaha!

  5. says

    It was quite a number of years ago when I was last pregnant, but the only thing I remember was being horny all the time! hahaha! No other major craving than my husband!

      • says

        Hahaha! I know that feeling, Patricia. My OB-GYN advised us not to do it more often because it stresses the baby. 😉

        Marts, I’m so happy for you. You told us before that you want to get pregnant this year and it did happen! I wish you a safe and happy pregnancy. See you soon.

  6. says

    For our first, it was peace. I practiced daily meditation and let go of the need to be in control all the time. For the second, I found myself wearing make-up everyday at the office (something I never did before). So what did that mean, I craved for beauty? For the third, even before I knew I was pregnant, I started on a aerobics routine and I signed up for swimming lessons. By the time I found out I was pregnant, my OB said it was ok to continue with the exercises – I was doing aerobics until about 6 months of pregnancy and swimming until 7 months.

    • Martine says

      I don’t feel like prettying up yet, but maybe that will catch up with me now that I’m feeling better :) And yes, peace. I set aside time each now just for total quiet. I need it, my body and mind crave it!

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