Lavender Lovin’ – Lavender picks for preggy moms

I’m feeling the pregnancy more and more now that I’m in the second trimester. I started to feel subtle “popcorn-like” taps of the baby just a few days ago; the OB-Gyn said it’s normal to be able to sense them earlier now that this is my second pregnancy. With each little flutter, I feel even more anticipation for this second baby! I can’t wait to know what he or she will be like, but that’s still a long way away.

Meanwhile, I’m still focusing on becoming more relaxed, less stressed over work, and more aware of the physical and emotional changes I’m going through during this pregnancy. Thanks to a few calming, loving aids — like these lavender lovelies I’m currently using — , I feel like I’m going to be just fine.

Lavender has always been one of my favorite scents. In apothecary circles, it’s a known relaxant, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic, according to this website (See “Lavender Uses”, Personally, I love its familiar, comforting scent, especially during days when I have nasal congestion or rhinitis. These days, the scent comforts me, especially on hectic mornings (hello, to-do list) and best of all, during relaxing evenings (bye-bye, iPhone, social media!) For pregnant moms, lavender has many benefits. It’s great for stress relief; calmer sleep; bath-time relaxation, and as a headache remedy.

Here are my current loves — try them sometime!

Lavendar for pregnant moms


1. Brown Belly’s This Love is My Scrub Lavender Sea Salt Scrub — Perfect for pre-bath soaks and for exfoliation. The added vanilla scent makes this super luxe for me.

2. Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Shampoo — I’ve been using this for years now, alternating it with other brands on occasion.

3. Indigo Baby Moonshine Baby Bottom Spray — One of my favorite products from Indigo Baby, because it has so many uses: as a baby bottom spray, a linen spray, or even as a cologne, the fresh smell of lavender has hints all throughout. Super relaxing, both for me and baby.

4. Aveeno Calming Body Wash and Stress Relief Body Wash — My go-to body washes for years. The Stress Relief Body Wash is what I use on my arms and legs, because it also includes oatmeal, a great moisturizer. I love using the calming body wash all over.

5. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla Candle — Given to me as a gift one Christmas ago, this candle is as soothing as it is awesome-smelling. I need me some more!

What are some of your go-to aromatherapy scents? 


  1. says

    HI Martine! These suggestions are perfect! I’ll try the body wash. :) I am on my 17th week also with my 2nd child and we just found out it’s another boy. Yey! Here’s praying for your safe pregnancy!

    • Martine says

      Maggie, do, do! The body washes are affordable lang. For me, what makes a difference is really prepping your bedroom with scents, like the Moonshine spray and the candle. :) Hope your pregnancy is going well!

  2. says

    My family loves lavender oil :) We sprinkle some on our curtains and linen in the bedroom. The scent helps us sleep better; and when we have colds, it helps us breathe easier. No need for vapor rubs! :)

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