I’ve been having such a great time on Instagram, and so I decided to hold a simple giveaway to say “thanks” to this wonderful community of image-loving individuals. In the almost two years I’ve been on this platform, it’s become the social media platform that has been the most logical for me. I’m very much a person driven by inspiration, and Instagram is replete with people like me, which I’m so happy about.

Now, there are some people who hate the platform. I myself have a “love-hate” relationship with it, the “love” part being that I enjoy taking photos and sharing them. I believe the “hate” part (though it’s such a strong word), for me at least, is how to NOT be envious about those Instagrammers who are just so damn good! Haha! Image envy can sometimes hold you back, because envy is and always will be an evil. I’ve learned not to take Instagram envy to heart, and to instead look at the work of talented people, learn from them, and find my own way of capturing the moments that mean something to me.

Which brings me me to the mechanics of the giveaway I want to do: To take images of your daily life, but find a beautiful angle or way to capture that image and share it on Instagram. Tag your image with the hashtag #makeitblissful and as part of the caption, share your thoughts about the moment you’ve captured.


The meaning of #makeitblissful

Making things blissful is about finding the meaningful instances in our ordinary, everyday surroundings. If you’re a mom who stays home all day, find something meaningful in the chores you’re doing. If you’re in the office from 9 to 5, capture your desk or your daily commute in an inspiring way. If you’re about town, find something to be thankful for while walking he streets — you never know where you’ll find a beautiful angle!

So, again, here’s how to play:

1. Follow me, @martinedeluna, on Instagram.

2. Take a photo of your daily life, but find a way to make the image look inspiring. IG is all about inspiring with images from the moments in our daily lives. If you’re a mom at home, find a place in your home that makes you feel grateful and capture it in a photo. (Kids make great subjects, too!) If you’re a working person or someone on the road, find meaningful shots around the city, maybe on your commute. You can even take photos of your workspace, just find a way to make that photo look good! Anything goes, as long as you seek to inspire with your image.

3. Hash tag your image as ‪#‎makeitblissful‬, and include in it a caption of what inspired you to take that image. The caption is a requirement, so don’t just post a photo and the hashtag. This is also an exercise in meaningful sharing and reflection.

4. Upload it to your Instagram, making sure you’ve made a caption and have included the #makeitblissful hashtag. 

Winner Draw dates:

  • Draw #1: August 16, 2014
  • Draw #2: August 23, 2014

What’s the prize each week? A luxe travel pouch of vanilla products from! Each pouch is worth Php995.00 (USD23.00++) and the set includes 30ml reusable PET bottles in four Vanilla Bodycare variants: Eau de Vanille cologne, Vanilla Cream lotion, Bug-Off mosquito repellant and Clean Hands sanitizer. All products are lovingly made in the Philippines by A Vanilla Story, a company that produces artisanal, hand-crafted vanilla-inspired products for your body, your home and your heart. Everything is made using real, organic Vanilla oil, which has antioxidant properties for the skin, as well as an enticing, yummy sweet scent.


Tips on taking your IG photos

Below is a photo of #makeitblissful photos I’ve taken. Just an example of what you can do  It doesn’t have to be styled deliberately unless that’s your thing, but the idea is to capture your image in good light, at an angle that shows what you want to express in the photo.


Some tips:

  • Find as much natural light as you can. Photos always look better when captured using natural light. Taking photos under fluorescent white light result in dull, awkward looking images, which aren’t very inspiring.
  • Edit your photos using apps. There are some great free apps that you can use to make your photos awesome: Snapseed and VSCOcam are two great photo editors that you can use for processing your photos after you’ve shot them in the proper light. Don’t over-edit, though, lest you lose the soul of your photo.
  • Take ordinary things; make the mundane, ordinary things look inspiring. See photo of the broom, mop and ladder? The colors are lovely — that pop of seafoam green looks inspiring amidst the industrial colors of the mop, the ladder and the pipes. You can make any angle of your home look inspiring, as long as you have the proper light and angles.
  • Don’t over-style your images. “Making things blissful” is about finding the beauty in what’s already evident, what’s “in the moment.” You can move things around so that you get the best light, the least amount of shadow, the best combination of elements, etc.
  • Think “inspiration” not aspiration. With me, for instance, I like taking snippets of my home, even my utility area! That’s the challenge here: How can you make something otherwise mundane, inspiring?

Good luck! Who’s joining in the fun? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow me and say “hi” as well on Instagram (@martinedeluna)