Sometimes making things blissful is all about seeing the possibilities in the problems. Who knew used toilet paper rolls could be so cute, right? Such a metaphor for my life right now.

I just came from the OB-Gyn this afternoon, for my first checkup for the 2nd trimester. It’s all good news! I’ve gained two pounds since last month (yay, not overweight); baby is good, and has a strong heartbeat; baby is also moving around already, though only detectable using the sonogram (I can’t feel his/her little kicks yet).

It’s always a relief to know that the pregnancy is going well. We will have a congenital scan next week along with the ultrasound, to check if everything is normal. I took antibiotics in the first trimester due to an infection, so I’m praying they had no effect on B2 (um, that’s “Baby no. 2” for your information. Sorry, haha.)

While I’m happy about B2, I started this week of sad, due to some work projects that had to run their course. I lost a client — one of my favorite ones — due to budget cuts and other business-related matters that I can’t get into. It’s never easy to lose a client, especially when you are pregnant and giving birth in five months! (Help, Lord!) I’m learning to look up, though, and to find the meaning and message in this circumstance.

Thank you, Max Lucado, for helping me stand my ground.

seasons - quotes

Seasons of suffering, lack, drought and emptiness: These are the most precious seasons of our lives. More than the joyful moments, the worry-free periods, it’s during times of brokenness that we learn the biggest lessons of all, like trust in God, initiative, how to create opportunities instead of letting setbacks keep us down. I like Lucado’s point on “pondering, exploring and using a problem.”

That’s what making things blissful is all about, isn’t it?

I have to find the silver lining in my situation now, and after a day or so of feeling numb and of worrying, I’ve decided there’s no other way than to explore other opportunities. As my friend Marge the Happy WAHM says, “make it a point to choose happiness everyday.” YES! There is no other way to live, I think. Choosing happiness doesn’t mean ignoring the difficulties and problems, of course. What is does mean is that you can choose to face those problems with a gumption for making them stepping stones to better things.

I’m confident better things are ahead of me. I just have to set up my stepping stones!

Meanwhile, I’ll use this “lull” in my business to go back to the basics, and spend more time resting up. I’ll still need to work — freelancing ain’t free, ironically. Haha. More time for art, for creating; more time for dreaming and planning. (Of course, if there are things we can work on together, hit me up and email me, please!)

How do you deal with “low” times, losing a client, maybe even losing a job? How have you picked yourself up from a setback? Please, let’s share and support one another in the comments. Hugs!