Rockwell Primaries’ recently launched their new lifestyle website, The Start: Your Guide to a Better Life Lived, and interviewed me for their “At Home” feature (click here, “At Home with Martine de Luna“). The interview was mostly on how to “make working at home work” for a busy mom like me. It was such a fun feature to shoot, and best of all, I got to talk about the WAHM life.

I’ve been working from home, doing virtual work for almost five years. It works for me and my family, and I enjoy it, I thrive on it! It’s because of the “WAHMderful life” that I’ve been able to give workshops on working from home, and give a voice to work-at-home women here in the Philippines. 

But I’m not just for the practice of working from home: I’m for the lifestyle of being homebased, of loving your home and thriving in your home. I don’t have the Pinterest-worthy home, but I have to say I enjoy staying in my little apartment, and it’s because of a few home-loving practices I’ve been doing along the way.

Off the top of my head, I can think of three. Seriously, if you want to enjoy being in your home while you are a work at home woman, these three tips can drastically change your lifestyle!

1. Prettify your home.

Now you don’t need a big budget or a master plan to overhaul your home to Pinterest levels, but if you want to feel blissful, happy, even relaxed while working from home, you would do well to fix up and make your home beautiful. Making it “beautiful” is up to you, whatever your definition or idea of beauty is.

For me, it means bringing home flowers each week from the market and placing them in small vases around the living and dining area. It means using throw pillows — handmade or store-bought — and decorating my lone sofa with some color and pattern. It means putting art up on the walls, even if they aren’t premium works of art, as long as they mean something to me.

make it blissful living room

2. Find ways to entertain yourself.

I’m an Insta-addict, and proudly so. Some avid Instagrammers travel a lot, or do #ootd (outfit of the day) posts galore, and others are often dining out and taking snaps of their gloriously prepared platters and plates. Me? I’m at home maybe 90% of the week, and still I manage to use Instagram to entertain myself on a daily basis. I’ll use my dining table as my makeshift studio, and participate in hashtag streams like #7vignettes or #fmsphotoaday or whatever, so I can look forward to a daily playdate with my IG community. (Follow me on Instagram at @martinedeluna, won’t you?)

On other days, I might draw or paint with my son, or just settle down in the sofa and pore over my latest magazines.  I might find a recipe and try it out, so I can channel what may be in me that is “domestic goddess” material. (Haha!) Or I might play with my Simplified Planner and washi tapes — a very fulfilling, and maybe silly outlet.

workspace 4

If you work from home, what’s your entertainment outlet? TV and video games won’t qualify with me: it has to be creative, fun, or even silly. What do you do for fun, while you work from home? How do you entertain yourself?

3. Set aside a no-work day.

I mentioned in my interview that I don’t work on Mondays. And that’s true! Really. You should try it some time. Apart from watching my clients’ social media channels (which I can do on the go, thanks to my smartphone), I’m basically offline on Mondays. It’s the perfect day to do the groceries (Mondays or Thursdays = no crowds in the mall); we can get our errands done easily; we can even take the day off, if we want to. (The husband works from home, too.)

I set aside Mondays for “no work” because I simply can and I choose to keep them free. If that’s not possible for you (especially if you don’t have a flexible work schedule, even at home), then make it a point to set aside some “no work hours.” That means turn off your laptop, say good-bye to social media for a couple ‘hours, and do something not related to work. I recommend tuning out of the online world if you’re a WAHM-ie, just because our work lives are so heavily intertwined with social media, apps and the digital.

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How about you? Any work-at-home tips to share with me? Like I said, this lifestyle is both an art and a science to me! I’d love to know your insights into it, too.