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I consider my mom a shopping expert for things that you need to help you calm down. She became an expert in this since it has been a known fact that all the people in my family are born to be nerbyosas (worriers). If there was a degree on shopping for the tools to use to help you relax, I think she would be on the dean’s list. It’s no wonder really that one of us, her daughters, would inherit this “expertise” and it was my younger sister who did.

I have been feeling a little stressed lately and in dire need for a massage. I haven’t really scheduled time for this activity since every time I would try to book it into my ever reliable Google calendar, my week would already be filled with different activities.  The only free time I would have is in the evenings, which I normally spend at home (since I’m too tired to go to the nearest spa even if it’s just a few stone’s throw away from where I live). So, I had this idea of turning my home into a home spa. I wanted to transform my home into a spa. I also wanted to achieve that feeling that you get right after going to a spa.

With this, I asked for my sister’s advice and here are the things that she recommended:


Pottery Barn

Have a Bed-Makeover! You can start with something as basic as having a bed-makeover. There are very comfortable and cozy looking comforters and bed sheets that you can buy from Pottery Barn. Another thing that you can purchase is the Papinelle Liberty London 100% Silk Eye Mask. It’s made from 100% silk and they have lovely ties that you can adjust.  This eye mask comes with a scent sachet that you can place inside your drawer or tie on a coat hanger. It’s available at or at Taste Central.

*Image from

*Image from

Another product that you can purchase is this Deep pillow spray from This Works, which you can get from Spraying this on your sheets can give you a lovely sensory experience that can give you a good night’s sleep. This is infused with essential oils of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile.

*image from Alice Blue Candle, Inc. Facebook Page

*image from Alice Blue Candle, Inc. Facebook Page

Keep your bathroom smelling fragrant. I always love that memorable scent whenever you visit the locker room of the spa. You can get the same effect and fragrance by using these Alice Blue Candles. The Alice Blue Candles is proudly Pinoy.  One of the most popular scents is the Sampaguita with a floral blend of honey, sweet jasmine & ylang-ylang.

*image from Mr. Bean Bag Facebook Page

*image from Mr. Bean Bag Facebook Page

Keep that living room cozy! There’s something about the living room that sets that mood of a house. Personally, I think it dictates the personality of the home. Keep that cozy feeling in the living room and you’ll think you’re living in a spa. What you can do instead of adding stiff chairs is to add bean bags. Check out Mr. Bean Bag. They have various designs that you can choose from. A personal favourite is this Cupcake Design in denim.

Also, since we also need to keep the place smelling clean and fresh, you can check out this room spray and pillow mist from BC Fragrance. With these two products, you can achieve the ultimate aromatherapy experience in your home. There are different scents that you can choose from: Gardenia, Grapefruit, Ginger Orange, Sweet Pea or Vanilla.


Go steady mat

Do Yoga! My recommended ritual always starts with doing a physical activity like yoga. Yoga has a lot of health benefits and helps achieve clarity and peace while developing your strength. At home, you can subscribe to an online yoga class. You can go to a Yoga Online website and follow the instructors in their online classes. Now for your yoga mat, you can get it from Go Steady.

Hydrate! After that envigorating yoga class, you can whip yourself up your own fruit smoothie. Check out this Amphorae Shake ‘n Take from Lazada. It’s so simple to use! What you can do is just place cut vegetables or fruits then mix it with yogurt or milk and water and you have your own refreshing smoothie! It can make you a 16 oz drink. It comes with 2 easy-to-bring jugs.

*image from Taste Central

*image from Taste Central

Have a luxurious bath! Every day, we just go through the motions and we don’t get to enjoy and savor each moment. For today, try to take a luxurious bath. Enjoy it with VitaOils’ Spa Retreat Set, which is all natural. The set is comprised of Energizing Bath Salts that is great from exfoliating and achieving smoother skin. It is enriched with Grapefruit and Bergamot. After enjoying that shower, seal the moisture in with the Omega 3-fortified Balancing Body Butter. This is a luxurious blend of shea butter and pure antioxidant-packed essential oils to deeply condition your skin.

Have a massage at home. To complete the ambiance of turning your home into a spa, you might want to add this Therapist Select® Masseur In-A-Box Portable Massage Mat from Homedics to your home. After setting it up, get a home massage and try using this Rosemary Botanical Bath & Massage Oil from Harnn. This massage oil is very rich in antioxidant Vitamin E. IT also has rosemary that helps sooth pains and boosts mental activity. It also contains lavender, rice bran oil and geranium.

Have your own hair treatment! Longing for that perfect bounce? Try the Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Therapy Hydrating Keratin Masque. It strengthens and softens your hair. This hair mask is paraben-free too and won’t bleach out colored hair.

And last but not the least, don’t forget to play relaxing music. Check out Spotify and look through their playlists for the perfect spa music.

I hope that this list helped you a lot turning your home into a blissful home spa. Please do share with us if you really did some of the things we listed here.