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I was really happy when the ladies at Ei Skin Labs invited me for a pampering mani-pedi date a couple of weeks ago. Since I wanted to try their extensive line of Zoya nail polishes as well as the entire Zoya nail care system, I took a morning off to visit the nail spa, Beauty & Butter in SM Mega Mall. I brought along my sister-in-law Amy, because at the time she was pregnant with her third child (She gave birth recently!), and we being tired moms needed the time off for some pampering. (Thanks, Beauty & Butter!)

Side note: My other sister-in-law, Nica, was supposed to be with us, but early that same morning, her baby decided to arrive early! Haha! (And, according to Nica, while she was in labor she was thinking, “I’m gonna miss the Zoya mani-pedi date!” She’s now the mom to a pretty baby girl, which you can read about on her blog.)

OK, so back to our purpose: We were at Beauty & Butter to try out some of the new Zoya polishes that were available in the 2014 collections. Here are some of my favorite picks — all muted tones, natural hues, with a touch of glam.

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Sorry, I don’t have photos of us really getting our nails done. Between relaxing and chilling out, there was no time to take photos of us enjoying ourselves, hahaha! But we do have photos of our nails, in the new Naturel colors and Pixie Dust overlays. Aren’t they pretty?

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So what makes Zoya so special, especially concerning preggy moms like me and my sister-in-law?

Well, for starters, Zoya is one of the safest nail polishes you’ll find. Their line is completely free from harmful chemicals found commonly in nail polishes, which means they do not contain the following: phthalates, toluene, formaldehyde, and camphor. They are classified as natural nail polishes, because they are safe for natural (not acrylic nails), and they do not cause the nails to stain or turn yellow. And yes, they are vegan (cruelty-free).

I personally love their range of colors! There’s something for me, depending on the mood I’m in. Lately, it’s been all about nudes and naturals, but I’ve been loving their Pixie Dust polishes, which are great to overlay on plain or matte polishes for a slightly glam look.

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Beauty & Butter carries an extensive line of Zoya polishes for clients, and you can also request for their retail prices, if you’d like to purchase the colors individually. Just ask any of their friendly staff — called “buttercups”, hihihi!

You should know also that they use the entire Zoya nail care system for their manis and pedis here. In using the entire line, clients can be sure that their manicures last longer, thanks to Zoya’s premium base coat, top coat, and even their nail polish remover (which doesn’t over-dry or strip your nails of moisture).

Anchor: The base coat

Anchor: The base coat

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Armor and Fast Drops: Protective top coat and quick dry

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Remove: The gentlest polish remover, in my opinion.

I’d like to thank the staff at Beauty & Butter Mega Mall for giving us such a pleasant time! Our preggy hands and feet were very thankful!

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Ms. Anna (of Ei Skin Philippines), me, Caroline (of Ei Skin), and Nika of Beauty & Butter nail salon

Beauty and Butter aims to introduce the beauty conscious and fashion forward Filipino to better nail care through more natural nail friendly products. As a nail salon with a focus on quality and innovation, Beauty and Butter deems it apt to partner with an eco -friendly brand like Zoya. 

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