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I’m writing this as a general response to the questions I get via email, which ask, “What exactly is blog coaching, Martine?” I explain the inclusions in my mentorship program for bloggers, but I felt that a blog post would best express what my work is really about. So here goes!

Why did you get into “blog coaching”? What is it?

“Blog coaching” is what I call my system of helping women become the editors-in-chief of their blogs and online platforms. When I started doing blog coaching, my intention was to do something in my free time that involved blogging and helping people. I also wanted to venture into freelancing, and decided to mentor people who wanted to know how to craft and launch a blog that would help them live out their passions, but also be a platform to live their best lives.

I then created a system to teach a kind of blogging style that would make blogging systematic, yet natural, enjoyable for the blogger, while at the same time helping them get better traffic and more engagement for their blogs.


I currently have three levels of Blog Coaching:

  • Digital Platform Launching (where I mentor you in creating a website or blog for your brand);
  • Blog Therapy (my most popular service, where I guide you in revamping the brand, content and visual identity of your blog); and
  • Blog Critique (a once-over, one-time evaluation of your blog, in 10 steps that you can carry out right away)

I want to blog about my passion. Can I be a successful blogger?

Not really, no. When I take on a blog coaching mentorship with a new blogger or someone who’s been blogging for a time and needs a new infusion, I always, always dispel the myths around blogging. The biggest lie that any coach or consultant can tell you (in my field, that is) is to “just blog with a passion, and people will follow.” They won’t.

Why? The real deal is that people don’t follow a blogger just because of the blogger’s passion. They follow a blogger because that blogger has an X-factor that makes her unique and compels people to be drawn to her, her stories, her ventures, even her business if she has one. The blogger’s passion shows up in her excellent efforts, maybe even her work or her business, and in the way she lives out her authentic self.


While is is true that passion is essential in starting something meaningful, passion cannot sustain anything on its own. Creating an income, a service, or a community with your blog depends less on passion and more in applying successful systems and processes that deliver results, whether those be sales, more readers, and a growing following.

So what do you do exactly when you coach a blogger?

A good blog coach will help a new or existing blogger to create action steps towards achieving their blog goals, instil confidence in a blogger, and teach that blogger how to nurture a following around her blog. This is my goal for each woman that I work with in blog coaching. I teach bloggers how to create balance between their passions and their plans.

My training process for bloggers includes these three “C’s”:

  • Teaching a blogger how to think about and craft their brand (Clarity)
  • Teaching a blogger the art of basic blog management and content creation, for their blogs and social media channels (Content)
  • Guiding a blogger on how to think visually for their brand, by creating an inspiration board that expresses who their brand is, as a blogger (Creative Activation)

Now what bloggers do after they’ve completed my program is really their responsibility. I can teach using these tools; I can help answer their questions; I can help provide insights on their issues, concerns and blogging dilemmas, but the outcome is always based on the blogger herself.


Will I be a successful blogger if you coach me?

I can’t give guarantees to success. Success is relative. What I can tell you and assure you off is that if you have a passion to make your blog journey work and you put the processes to work — the strategies we take up in our mentoring and training — then you can certainly experience success along the way. I taught myself how to do all three: gain clarity about my brand as a blogger; create content that helps my blog sustain itself as a brand and platform, and use my creativity to create income streams that make my blogging profitable.

Everything I teach in my courses is based on mistakes I’ve made in the past and the successes I’ve experienced as I learned from those mistakes. So I believe that if you are teachable, humble and you are willing to do what it takes to learn, then YES, you can be a successful blogger with me as your coach!

I don’t have good blogging habits. Can you help me?

I can only help you if you help yourself. If you do my coaching programs and then don’t put the strategies into practice, then I am not accountable for your bad habits. Laziness and an undisciplined approach to blogging: That’s not part of what we take up. I hope that in giving you tools to work with and in helping you create a blog philosophy to go by, I can awaken a part of you that finds blogging an enjoyable, doable part of your life. What you do with the things we take up in our mentorship is up to you. After all, “making things blissful” is all about taking action, “making” and doing and activating and putting things to work, isn’t it?

So, did I answer these questions well enough for you readers? Hit me up in the comments if there’s something else you want to know!