By Louise Fandino of Mommy Practicality

When you and your ex-boyfriend (because he’s now your husband) were still dating, Valentine’s Day is indeed a big deal for both of you. Such a big deal that you save up for a nice shirt to wrap for him while you expect so much more than just a gift from him. (Talk about a grand bouquet to be sent to your place of work or at home, a candlelight dinner, maybe a timely wedding proposal given to you by your handsomely dressed boyfriend.) Oh those were the days when you can afford to save a chunk of your money to one of the most celebrated days of the year!

Forward to being married and having a child or children, coupled with financial responsibilities (monthly utility bills, tuition fee dues, grocery expenses, insurances, and loan repayments, to name a few), you are still of course very much in love with each other and would still want to celebrate the L-O-V-E month together but in a more inexpensive and practical way.

How? Here are some practical and inexpensive ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love.

1.  Send your kids at least a night to their grandparents.  

This is the first thing to do so you could do the rest in this list.  If not possible, maybe you could put them to sleep early or ask aunties to babysit just for a night.  Once accomplished, you could proceed to the next.

 2.  Dress up and beautify your sexy self (don’t forget to wear stilettos)!

Nothing pleases your man’s eyes than seeing his wife as this woman he fell in love with the first time.  See him go gaga all over you again.  Witness him turn into a schoolboy once more.  Surprise him with a look he doesn’t see everyday or every night.

 3.  Cook a special dinner at home.

We all know how full packed the streets in the metro are during Valentine’s Day, how fully-booked restaurants are on Valentine’s Day, and how everything is over-priced like there’s a hidden diamond or gold in what you’re purchasing (flowers and food), cooking his favorite meal, with a special romantic decor at home to set the love mood (petals, candles and love songs), is the best option to go for.  Not only it’s practical, you also avoid the stress of traffic outside.  We all know the way to our hubby’s heart is through his stomach right?  After dinner, you know what’s next then!

 4.  Write a love letter.

In this digital world, giving a hand-written love letter is precious, memorable, special, heartfelt and indeed romantic.  Tell him how much you are in love with him even after years of being together, and even if his snoring or leaving the toilet seat uncovered irritates you.  This is the perfect space to tell him how much you appreciate his presence in your life, how you were so right in saying yes to his wedding proposal years ago, and all the mushy, cheesy, and high school sweetness you could think of.  Don’t forget to sign with your pet love names!

 5.  Watch romantic comedy movies in the comforts of your room.

Not only restaurants are fully booked, most of the time also movie theaters are.  Unless you bought tickets last December (but we know this is impossible), you could get lucky, but then again, there’s traffic.  Bring back your courtship-days-feelings back with classic romantic movies.  What were the movies you watched before?  Reminisce your love story with those movies.  If you can’t think of any, here are some of my recommendations:

  • The Proposal
  • Pretty Woman
  • Dear John
  • The Wedding Singer
  • A Walk To Remember
  • Just Married
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding
  • Friends With Benefits
  • Never Been Kissed
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • Bridget Jone’s Diary
  • Maid in Manhattan
  • The Fault In Our Stars

6.  Slow dance to your couple song.

What songs make your hearts pound very rapidly?  Play it in the background (and if he doesn’t initiate asking you for a dance) then initiate the dance.  As your serotonin rushes through your bodies and other hormones are activated, even if the song is unfinished, you could jump to #7.

 7.  Make Love.

This is a very unique process for each couple.  It could be fast or slow, normal or irregular, straight or upside down or side wards or in all directions.  If you get what I mean!  Just do it and feel the love that night!

These are just some ideas which could help you escape the traffic of the over-crowded city and overpriced commodities and venues to celebrate the love day or the love month.  Just remember that the love you share with each other should not only be celebrated once a year.  These ideas are applicable anytime of the year!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you have other creative and practical ways to celebrate the love day with your husbands?  Do share on the comments below!