Have you seen homes that look too cluttered?  Not necessarily messy with junk or toys but too cluttered in terms of decor.  Houses that somewhat look like these..

Photo by: garancedore.fr

Photo by: garancedore.fr

I’ve walked into homes filled with too many tiny decor.  Crystal, plastic flowers, figurines and bowls of every shape and color.  While there is nothing wrong with decor in itself, learning about what pieces go with your home’s style and purpose will help you buy only what you need.  Accessories are meant to enhance not dominate a space so carefully selecting and then situating decor is the key.

Photo by: disfunctionaldesign.blogspot.de

Photo by: disfunctionaldesign.blogspot.de

“Decorating is like music. Harmony is what we constantly strive for. At home, we want a peaceful atmosphere where the objects are the notes and nothing is off-key.” says Charlotte Moss, a well known award winning interior designer.

When buying decor consider these tips.

1. Don’t buy decor smaller than your hand.  Pieces that are too small are hardly noticed. They hardly ever serve a purpose and the only time you should consider buying one is if it is a unique conversational piece.

2. Avoid collecting too much decor of the same kind unless you have a designated place to keep them.  Mugs, magnets, figurines.. they all tend to accumulate around the house. Before you know it your place looks too cluttered.

3. When buying something think of a specific place to put it.  If you can’t think of a particular spot, you don’t need it.

4. Before buying something consider its’ function and purpose. Jars, vases and bowl are often useless if you already have one or two good flower vases.  Too much of something is redundant.

5. Consider the theme of your house when buying decor.  This helps and you will have a good guideline.  If it is just pretty but doesn’t go with your Asian inspired house, then maybe you don’t need it.

6. Don’t be afraid to let go of old, unnecessary items.  Are you guilty of owning too much decor that it can now be called clutter? Donate, sell or discard.


As an interior stylist I know where to put decor and what usually works with a certain spot.  For those of you who have no clue about decorating these tips might help.

1. Book shelves can hold a lot of decor but they should be as big or even bigger than the largest books. One or two small pieces are acceptable but too many small ones will be clutter. This is a photo of a book case with too many small decor and redundant accessories like vases and bowls.

Photo by: beciorpin.com

Photo by: beciorpin.com

See how well situated each decor is in this book case below? Each piece of decor makes a statement and seems to have meaning. You don’t see the same kind of accessory three times and even the books were carefully arranged.

Photo by: dwellerswithoutdecorators.com

Photo by: dwellerswithoutdecorators.com

2. When styling a coffee table limit decor to only these: A stack of coffee table books.  A tray or decorative box to store things like remote controls and other small items. Something from nature like a plant or big vase of fresh flowers. A maximum of three accent decors like a figurine, jar, or conversation piece.

3. Console tables should be decorated with pieces in a variety of sizes.  Lamps, plants and candle holders are ideal because they instantly make a statement.

4. Night tables can be styled with accessories too but keep it to a minimum.  For more tips on how to style a night table, watch this video.

5. Work spaces are often filled with things that we buy impulsively.  I am guilty of this when I see something that inspires me and speaks to me but if I don’t be careful and think about where it will exactly go, I can end up with too much things on my desk.

It may not be easy and knowing how to buy the right decor for you home takes practice.

Do you have stuff you need to get rid of?  Are you guilty of purchasing home items on an impulse? What do you have too much of? We’d love to hear in the comments below.