meaningful social media engagement

By Mariel Uyquiengco of The Learning Basket

Confession: The time that The Learning Basket could make a lot of sales selling children’s books online (Christmas season!) is also the time that I naturally withdraw from social media without really meaning to. This has gone on for three years now, against all reason.

Maybe by the end of the year I am already tired of all the sharing and liking over Facebook and Instagram that has taken place over the previous months, so when the holidays come around I’m just dead beat on social media.

What happens then is that I start to limit my online exposure to once-a-day email checks rather than my usual compulsive checking throughout the day. I turn off the WiFi connectivity on my phone and write my articles by hand. I set aside the work that continues to pile up and instead spend lots of quality time with my kids, which is how it’s supposed to be anyway, right?

I’ve always been ambivalent about social media. I know I need to be out there, constantly clicking away, uploading, commenting and liking, as I rely on social media for my business. But at the same time, I’ve made a commitment to myself not to miss out on the magic of the moments that pass by with my kids at home.

Pulling away is something that my instinct has naturally led me to during the holiday season, and for that I am actually grateful. Come the new year, it wasn’t easy getting back into the groove of blogging and interacting digitally. Now, after more than a month of restful silence, I still find myself a bit reluctant to come out of my peaceful shell.

Slowly but surely, though, I am getting back out there, enriched and refreshed by the time I spent outside the web and in the real world. I’ve also firmed up and become more confident of my intentional and blissful approach to social media.

1. Post with intention.

I rarely post about my personal life, and this works for me. Even on my personal accounts, I focus on sharing things that are related to my advocacies – hands-on parenting, homeschooling and reading.

For instance, during last year’s Blissmakerie, I was in a bit of a bind trying to figure out how to meaningfully post about a cronut. In the end, I shared about how cronut making-could be a fun activity to do with the kids. Mission accomplished.

Here's the cronut I designed! You can find it on my Instagram @thelearningbasket

Here’s the cronut I designed! You can find it on my Instagram @thelearningbasket

2. Market ideas and inspiration.

I aim to always uplift and inspire in my posts. I try to do this by taking on a positive tone and filtering out unnecessary negativity. Ultimately, I share parenting and learning ideas and pass on inspiration every day. This is how I make interactions meaningful for those within my network.

3. Be myself.

Last and most important, I aim to be happy with who I am. I do most of my work out here in the big, wide web, but I still prefer to just share myself up to a point, and without revealing all of myself. And though there is increasing pressure to be “more friendly” and “more approachable” and “more personal” in my social media dealings, I am happy with my self-imposed online code of behavior.

I believe that we engage meaningfully in social media when we wisely choose what we share out there.

How do you make your social media interactions more meaningful?