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Thanks to Frances Sales of Topaz Mommy, for inviting me to your workshop, “Bobbi Brown x Topaz Mommy” last May 9. I learned so much!

Here’s the thing when it comes to me and makeup: I need it to be simple, stress-free and fun. I get scared when I see a makeup artist’s arsenal of cosmetics because (1) I don’t know how to use any of those items, save maybe for lip gloss and mascara, and (2) I never really learned how to properly put on makeup. I can count with ten fingers the number of times I’ve been fully made up in my 36 years, and that includes my wedding and a school formal when I was 15. I’ve always been intimidated by the thought of doing my own makeup that I never tried because, hello, why so many brushes, arrrrrgh!

So, thank God for Bobbi Brown. She kind of made the “no makeup” look a must-know for the everygirl, the everywoman. I remember it was an episode of Oprah long ago when I first learned who she was, and how she totally made Cindy Crawford look effortlessly dewy’d and contoured in a matter of minutes. Makeup had to be that simple for me.

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During the recent Bobbi Brown x Topaz Mommy Workshop that was fabulously hosted by my friend Frances Sales, I had the same concern, because it’s a concern that’s not changed since that Oprah show. Being a busy mom and a “student” striving for the less is more kind of lifestyle, I needed to learn a makeup routine that would jive with my lifestage, not complicate it.

I’m so glad I was at this workshop, because it totally understood me, all of us who went. I should mention that we were all moms!

bobbi brown mega mall

Classmates! Bobbi Brown has a private makeup classroom in their Mega Mall branch, for workshops like this!

Another criteria I have for makeup is “only the bare necessities.” As a reluctant shopper, I hate wasting my money on a what-if/not-sure buy, which is why I don’t own a full set of makeup brushes or different kinds of eyeshadow or whatever. It was refreshing to have our makeup instructor Tamara of Bobbi Brown Philippines provide a tutorial that took away the complexities of a full makeup kit! We only worked with the essentials, the real must-haves that would be worth our money and our time, and that would take care of our concerns as sleep-deprived, time-starved-yet-beauty-seeking moms.

I loved how Tamara curated a very simple “capsule kit” for us:

bobbi brown philippines

The essentials: Pot Rouge (colors both lips and cheeks), Corrector-Concealer, bronzer powder, eyebrow pencil, and the “secret of the universe,” Bobbi Brown’s intensive skin serum foundation: a daily-use moisturizer, sunscreen, anti-aging cream and foundation all in one! (And you can use them all without an arsenal of brushes! Woohoo!)

bobbi brown mega mall

Our host, Frances, our “canvas” for the tutorial demo using the capsule kit of BB products.

bobbi brown philippines

Frances, fresh and fab! No more dark undereye circles; defined eyes and brows; fresh lips and cheeks. Natural!

Beauty, simplified indeed! There’s something reassuring about knowing how to put on a simple face, one that doesn’t cover-up who I am but simply brings out the best I have been given. And what I’ve been given is combination oily-dry skin that darkens with makeup that isn’t mineralized or oxygen-infused, a short-lined brow (with a scar on the left brow that makes me look like I have TWO LEFT BROWS, ugh) and no cheekbone structure whatsoever.

bobbi brown philippines

Me, before the makeup magic.

bobbi brown mega mall

My good friend, #blissmaker Ginger of Mommy Ginger, doing her makeup

bobbi brown philippines

My “after” look, ready for a picture with Frances!

To look fresh and pretty doesn’t take much makeup. It also doesn’t mean hiding behind loads of makeup that you feel heavy, almost burdened by the effort to make your face up. Bobbi Brown’s mindset of “beauty, simplified” takes the stress out of makeup routines, and her essentials make it very easy to look put-together and fresh!

But more than the makeup, it’s wanting to put your best look forward that matters. And it should, especially for moms, who often forget about their looks because it’s so easy to just let go. It takes a little bit of the good stuff — high-quality, good-for-the-skin stuff, in particular — to make our unique and best features shine through our sleepless nights, our kid-filled days and chore-laden realities. We simply have to let ourselves enjoy the process.

Because honestly, it’s when we feel great about how we look that makes our days more meaningful.

So, thank you, Frances, for the treat and the reminder: I’m beautiful, and I have the time and tools to bring that beauty out!

Thank you, Bobbi Brown, for the fun and play, and for making my makeup experience more blissful, finally!

* Thanks also Leuchtturm Notebooks from National Bookstore and Eats Happy, sponsors of this event. 


bobbi brown workshop philippines

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