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When I ask people (specifically my fellow Filipinos here in the Philippines) about Pinterest, I get either of two replies —

“I LOVE Pinterest!”


“I don’t get Pinterest at all.”

Well, I have been on Pinterest for a good four years now, and I have been addicted ever since.

In the beginning, I used it for pretty much the usual perusing and peg-hunting online. These days, I use it for pretty much anything: new ideas for the house, fresh ideas for the blog, for work, etc. It’s the first visual bookmarking tool ever, and helps users discover and save creative ideas. 

One of my most popular boards (and the one that gets repins most frequently) is my Home Office Inspiration board. I began this board as a way to inspire and motivate myself to fix my workspace, since I work from home 90% of the time. It’s curation of carefully pinned work-at-home spaces from blogs, online magazines and websites. I usually pin images that appeal to me for their practical design, storage ideas, organization hacks, and well, prettiness.

pin it pinas

My most popular board, the Home Office Inspiration board! I get lots of repins from this page!

I also use Pinterest for my work as a blog coach. Whenever I have a new client who is working on a rebrand or brand story for their blog, I have them create a private Pinterest board that only they and I can view. It makes my work a whole lot easier, because I don’t have to scour my emails for the images my client wants me to see, when she has an idea for a color scheme or a design feature on her in-progress brand or blog. My client simply just pins images to our private board, leaves comments on the pins she’s made, and we discuss these during our Skype sessions or phone calls. Pinterest saves me time and email clutter — yay.

pin it pinas

Some of the secret Pinterest boards that I use for work and collaborations!

(And of course, I do all of this work from my workspace at home, which was inspired no doubt by a lot of pinning.)

I’ve got some other fun boards here, too. Some of my favorites are:

Pretty in Pink (because I love the color, therefore, a board is dedicated just to pink)

Eureka: For home hacks, DIYs, and other great ideas I find online.

Doable Style: I’m not a fashionable person, and I actually like to rely on outfit photos! This is where I keep them, and it makes for a practical shopping guide, too. My next challenge to myself is to make a Pinterest board for a capsule wardrobe, since I am obsessed now about paring down my wardrobe.

Krista’s 1st Birthday: OK, so this is new and self-explanatory. Pinterest is great for sharing visual inspiration with your party or event planner!

pinitpinasSo, now that you know a bit about how I use Pinterest, how about giving it a go for yourself if you haven’t? If you aren’t a member yet, no worries, cause you can be one of the first 10 people can sign up using this invite link (Click here!) If you’re not on Pinterest yet can use my link to sign up, but it will be available for a limited time only! Hope to see you pinning away very soon! (And remember to add me up: