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Former blog consulting clients, Carmel and Audrey, are now my newest Blissmakers! Let me tell you about their collaboration that re-launched my Blissful Blogging Workshops after a nine-month hiatus.

Two years ago, I held my first workshop in Kuppa Roastery. It was called “Write On, Mom,” and it brought together 10 or so mommy bloggers for a writing workshop. My goal then was to teach some creative writing techniques to bloggers who wanted to tell better stories through their blog posts.

Since then, I’ve had nine more workshops on blogging. I even got to teach last summer at the Enderun College (which I’ll be doing again this September —more on that in another post!), and gave talks with companies like Thomson Reuters and Co.Lab, among others. I’ve also coached many bloggers from all over the world — in London, Ibiza in Spain, Shanghai, Malaysia, Singapore, and of course, from other provinces here in the Philippines — all from the comfort of my workspace at home.

It all sounds like a lot of work, and it is! But ironically, blog coaching has permitted me to have a slowed down life, a home-centric life. You could say that blogging is an enabler of the kind of work I enjoy, and the life I prefer to live.

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The Blissful Blogging Workshops are a tangible example of a kind of work that I enjoy doing that plays to my passions, plays to my strengths. Between 2013 to 2014, I held them almost every other month, tweaking each workshop a little bit each time so that it would fit the audience in attendance. Each time, I’d try to make things a bit better, more meatier, more satisfying for those who would attend.

This one — held in Tweedlebook Cafe last June 28 — saw me coming back to the workshop scene after taking a long leave. During that leave, I had some time to rework the workshop, just in case I wanted to do them again. Sure enough, when Carmel and Audrey requested to plan one with me as their speaker, I had the arsenal ready. I was excited to be back!

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

One aspect of my workshop is my frankness and honesty in sharing about the difficulties of blogging, especially blogging successfully, with “successfully” meaning the lifestyle of blogging. I’m always upfront with workshop students that “successful blogging” is a matter of perspective. (In my way of seeing things, my blogging has been successful because I can do work that I enjoy, from home, around my family and a flexible schedule that lets me put my family first. More than the basics of blogging from the heart and all the technical stuff I shared, what mattered most during the workshop — as with all my other workshops — was the “why” of blogging and how it relates to a person’s beliefs and worldview. I’m always taken aback by my own lessons when I talk about this at workshops!

Why? It’s because I reaffirm these lessons to myself. Each workshop I teach on blissful blogging is like a man-in-the-mirror moment for me, a self-assessment and check to see that I am still walking my talk and not bullshitting anyone.

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GROUP SESSIONS: Each group was assigned to brainstorm and conceptualize a blog, from ideation to launch.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

I suppose that’s why I enjoy teaching this particular workshop so much! I feel like I’m a student, too. And nothing creates a better teaching environment than when a teacher feels knowledge being pulled from her, only to feel new insights flowing right back in.

Seeing other women so excited to change the face of blogging; being around such creative souls and passionate hearts; meeting the faces behind the Instagram avatars and blog comment sections; these are what make my blogging workshops blissful, for me. I end up so spent and tired after each one (because it’s exhausting to talk and teach!), but I am always re-energized. I’m always excited to make Make it Blissful even better, and the next workshop even more fun.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

The yummy spreads by Tweedlebook Cafe, our host for the event.

tweedlebook cafe tomas morato

A class photo!

Helping people and teaching techniques for how to blog better: This is really a passion of mine. These workshops help me to be grateful for this passion, and to work harder to make the lesson content better and better. I know I’ve still got a lot of learning to do on my own, but teaching what I know — from the mistakes I’ve made, the current realizations I’ve had, the trends I watch — is a privilege and a blessing.

I’m thankful for collaborators who get the heart of the blissful blogging movement. Carmel and Audrey started off as clients, but I have found true “kindred spirits” in them. Thank you, girls, for making this workshop happen! You guys are amaaaaazing!

Here’s to more blissful blogging workshops, to more collaborations and inspiring gatherings!

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