“Two more sleeps, and then it’s Minions, Mom,” Vito reminded me a couple of days before Saturday. He had already prepared his H&M shirt, the one with the long sleeves, anticipating the airconditioning in the cinema.

“I’m going to get a hotdog and popcorn,” he mused, the night before while we had dinner.

“That’s great, babe,” I said. Looking back, I felt I responded rather nonchalantly, and I apologized the next day (not that he recalled!)


I forget how quickly these days will pass, how he’ll not always look forward to going to the movies with me and his dad. We’ve taken him to the movies ever since he was comfortable being in the cinema, and these days it’s like he’s waiting on tenterhooks for the next big film to hit the screens. Any excuse to eat a tumbler of popcorn to himself, I suppose!

We arrived at the movies promptly before 3PM last Saturday — a special block screening by Monde — and I watched my little guy smile eagerly as I handed him his popcorn and lemonade.


The movie was fun, but it was even more fun to watch him laugh out loud! It carried on next morning, when we made our #MyMamonMinions for breakfast. We went through two packs just to claim the icing so that he could make up four mamons! He’s quite the artist. (We also quite enjoyed the Belgian Waffles and Chocolate Muffins by Monde, too — yummy with coffee, for me and Ton, of course. Vito always has milk with his breakfast.)


As a mom, movies with my little ones will be one of my fond memories. I know this because I remember the first movie I went to as a kid: Land Before Time, 1986, Pacific Place, Hong Kong. (We lived there then).

I don’t know how many movies Vito will watch along with us, but I will remember to count each of them as special.

I don’t know how many opportunities I’ll get to enjoy his creative bouts of inspiration… even if it is just to ice some sweet cakes in his favorite characters.

I don’t know how many memories I’ll make with him, but I hope that they will be too many to count. In the end, I just hope that he will cherish them as much as his Dad and I do.

Oh, I also saw my good friend Frances Sales of Topaz Mommy there with her family! Tried to get our two Vitos to have a photo together but it didn’t happen, so us nalang, haha! 


This is an essay for Monde (http://www.monde.com.ph/mymamonminion), and their #MyMamonMinion campaign. A few of us bloggers were treated to a block screening — thanks, Monde! Follow #MyMamonMinion on Instagram to see fun creations, or upload your own Minion mamons, too. Thanks for reading!