Lady and Steph Badoy, the talented sisters, event/space/interior stylists behind the Instagrammable, Boqueria Lifestyle Market

Lady and Steph Badoy, the talented sisters, event/space/interior stylists behind the Instagrammable, Boqueria Lifestyle Market

I’m so happy to be featuring two friends here on the sporadic-but-always thoughtful Blissful Business series. I met Steph back in 1997, when she stayed over at our home along with several others from our then-religious community’s regional chapter; Lady I got to know later on when we were closer in age (yeah, right, Marts!!).

As time would have it, we all went our separate ways after our days in the church youth ministry. We reconnected when the girls and their siblings moved to Manila permanently just after I’d gotten married. It wasn’t until I started seeing their work in a number of foodies’ Instagram feeds, though, that I realized “It’s Steph and Lady behind that Boqueria Lifestyle Market!” Hahaha! Well, I am glad to be interviewing them today, so that you can learn more about this dynamic and stylish duo.

1. Tell us a bit about yourselves, the team at Boqueria Lifestyle Market, and about what your products and services are.

Boqueria Lifestyle Market (BLM) is founded by us, sisters Steph and Lady. Growing up our home was always well-curated by our mom (Pennie) – mixing and matching the new and the old, turning trash into beautiful treasures, making sure that the home was always a joy to go home to. Over the years, we have been collecting anything and everything that tickles our fancy – may it be a collector’s item, a unique piece of art, a bargain find, a pre-loved item and even random street-side finds.


Since Instagram became a thing, we started posting our own vignettes from our collection and people started asking where we find this and that and commending how we style them. This became our inspiration to start our web-boutique – Boqueria Lifestyle Market. We sell homewares, mostly ceramics, a bit of wood wares, decorative and gift items, fabrics and customized giveaways and accessories. We also offer space/event/props/food/product styling services.


2. Why did you choose the name “Boqueria Lifestyle Market”, and what does this mean for your brand?

We took inspiration from La Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain. It is a huge market that offers locals and tourists a paradise for the senses. The market has a very diverse selection of goods which stirs you to bask in everything you see, smell, taste and touch.

boqueria lifestyle market

In the same way, Boqueria Lifestyle Market aims to awaken your senses to have an inspired life – enjoying and sharing the beauty of a life well lived with family and friends.  This is your haven for well-curated things to make your home special even in ordinary days, market finds that will sure lend everyday charm to your life.

boqueria lifestyle market

3. What, for you, is the meaning of a “meaningful or blissful business” and why is Boqueria a blissful business for you?

Doing business is not just about profits, for us, it is living your passion and sharing it to others in order for them to live an inspired life. BLM aims to help bring simple joys in the lives and homes of our happy hunters (we call our shoppers this). It is our goal that wherever they are in their homes, may it be in the bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen, they can see & use pieces that inspires them to go about their day and turning ordinary days special and family get-togethers more meaningful.


4. Tell us about the design aesthetics of Boqueria Lifestyle’s products and services. What is your process of creating a design concept or your clients?

All our market finds are handpicked by us. Every time we go on our sourcing sprees, we have “home” in mind. The pieces we find inspire us to create soulful experiences at home and we curate it in a way that will surely inspire and bring charm to your everyday life.

Whenever we style an event, a home or a product, we listen and try to bring out what our client wants. From there, we look for inspiration, pegs everywhere, and give every project a BLM touch – handpicked, customized and specialized.

boqueria lifestyle market

5. Tell us how you planned for our collaboration, the “Blissful with Boqueria” brunch gathering. How did you create the concept and style?

When Martine offered us to collaborate with Make It Blissful for a Sunday brunch at La Creperie, we did not have second thoughts in accepting it. A Francophile inspired brunch is one of our “dream” set-ups! We exchanged ideas with Martine, shared pegs and inspiration online, took out possible props we already had at home and gathered more during our sourcing sprees.

boqueria lifestyle market

We went for a simple, dreamy, and intimate set-up with a European flair to enhance the already beautiful interiors of La Creperie and to complement the menu they had prepared. We also thought of coming up with a look book to bring out the Make It Blissful palette and complete that Kinfolk feel.

boqueria lifestyle market

6. What are your aspirations and hopes for BLM down the road?

One of our goals is to be able to set-up our website that will be home to our online shop, a (styling) blog and our project portfolio. It is also our vision to be given more opportunities to bring charm to everyday life thru our market finds and styling. We look forward to partner and collaborate with like-minded people to create, bring, offer and share meaningful events and gatherings that inspire to making the mundane special.

boqueria lifestyle market

boqueria lifestyle market

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