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One of the very first things I take up with any blog coaching client is their outlook on life, their perspective on living. It’s the most important part of the coaching process, even more important than the design aspect of the blog. This is because one’s outlook — their philosophy in life — is what breathes life into their everyday tasks, work, creations, efforts. Over here on Make it Blissful, I write a lot about my own philosophy of “making things blissful.” In a nutshell, when you “make it blissful”, it means you look for the silver linings in life. You strive to delight in life, even if it is imperfect. You look for inspiration in the most ordinary things and situations, because the world is often a negative place and it could use a little lightness here and there.

Having a philosophy in life is essential, I believe. It’s what gets you motivated in the morning. I know that’s what it does for me. I mean, I don’t wake up every day saying, “Woohoo! Let’s make it blissful today”, especially when I’m groggy from a wakey-night with the baby and late to prepare a decent breakfast. But it’s my philosophy to make the most out of my always imperfect days that keeps me going.

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I guess it’s why brands like philosophy “get” me — and I “get” them. One of their mottos is “science makes your skin better; inspiration makes your day better.” I totally believe this!

philosophy first entered my radar when Oprah featured the brand on her “Favorite Things” show in the 90s, which is one of my annual “habits” to watch during the holiday season. Back then, the brand began with its originals: The Amazing Grace fragrance, the Hope in a Jar moisturizer, and the Purity made simple facial wash. These three products summed up the inspiration behind philosophy, which was to marry science and inspiration so that women all over could have cutting-edge dermatological skincare available to them, right in the comforts of home.

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Here in Manila, we’re truly fortunate to have the biggest philosophy flagship store in the world, right here in our very own Mega Fashion Hall along EDSA. It’s here that philosophy invited me on two separate occasions, to have a pampering gathering for the Make it Blissful community. Last August, I had two occasions to treat some of my bloggy girlfriends to some philosophy facial treats and shopping. Thank you, philosophy, for the opportunity to do so! Here’s what went down on those two happy Thursday mornings.

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The first batch included some of my recent blog coaching clients Em Sulit, Pia Dysangco and Acie Fores, and fellow Blissmakers Ginger, Vanessa and Marilen. It was a very light and easy-going morning, where the ladies were given facial treatments using philosophy’s best-selling and award-winning products.

The ladies loved it! And the flagship store is just so pretty, bright and lovely to hang out in, don’t you think?

philsophy store manila

philosophy store asia

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Everyone tried the Microdelivery Peel System, a simple 2-step microdermabrasion system. This has got to be my favorite system ever, because it eliminates the need for me to go for a weekly facial outside the house. It takes three minutes to do, and the results are so good each time that it’s the highlight of my Fridays, haha! My skin feels so smooth and so bright after my weekly microdelivery peel. It’s honestly a perk-me-up that I look forward to. (And it’s the best-smelling peel, too — think citrusy lemony notes and happy, energetic vibes each time you use it.)

philosophy microdelivery peel manila

philosophy manila

Ginger and Van, with the peel on. The citrusy scrub is applied first, followed by a salicylic acid activator that gently foams up the scrub.

The result after rinsing off the microdelivery peel is baby-soft, supple and smooth skin — love it! It’s the perfect smoothness for applying the perfect serum and moisturizer for your skin type. (I’m currently using the Hope in a Jar oil-free gel moisturizer, complemented by the Brighten My Day skin perfecting lotion, hydrating emulsion and all-day cream.)

The second batch of ladies likewise enjoyed the same skin pampering treats! Here’s Mia Sison (of Juice Hut), #makeitblissful_mods Love Ocampo and Bituin Callanta; my good friend and Blissmaker Riz of Chasing Dreams; my executive assistant and social media manager for Make it Blissful, Rikka; me, and one of my favorite Instagrammers, Gail Gloria.




Everyone went home with a bag of goodies from philosophy, featuring their best-selling fan favorites. Also, everyone got to shop, too: Philosophy gave everyone shopping gift certificates for use during the pamper sesh — thanks, philosophy!!!

I also grabbed some goodies! Aside from getting more Microdelivery peel, I tried some new items: The Full of Promise day & night serum (which helps improve the performance of the Hope in a Jar facial gel); Time in a Bottle eye serum (for my puffy eyebags!); some more Brighten My Day All-Day Cream and Hydrating Emulsion (which are seriously so great at giving me a dewy, radiant glow); and bath & body goodies from my favorite Amazing Grace line: 3-in-1 body, bath and hair wash, Body Spritz and the eau de toilette. (Thank you, philosophy!)

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For more information on philsophy and their available products here in Manila, visit Thank you, philosophy, for collaborating on these gatherings with Make it Blissful!