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One of the things I’m grateful for is that I can work at home. Actually, I can work from pretty much wherever I want, if I wanted to. But for me, I like doing the jobs I do from the comfort of home. Especially now, Manila being what it is now with the traffic congestion issues and the general problems in the transportation system!

When I started blogging “blissfully,” one of the things I wanted to do less of was be away from my family. I guess with the tight-knit arrangement we have while the kids are young, it is ideal to be a hands-on mom and still be able to work.

Blog Your Best Year

I am grateful that the work I do know — mainly blog coaching — is something I can do anywhere as long as I my laptop, my phone and a steady Internet connection. I’ve taken Skype calls while breastfeeding or carrying my baby, which is the case now that I have a high-need infant. I’ve overseen projects using online management systems while teaching my son handwriting exercises. I’ve directed website and blog projects while on the road, sometimes in the car coming home from errands. I’ve even taught workshops holding my baby, like that time I gave a workshop on blogging and photography:

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Who says we can’t find a new way of working? Who says that as a mom (with no helper and having a high need baby) that I can’t bring my child along with me to my place of work? Isn’t this day and age all about adapting and revolutionizing the way people work? And not just moms, all people. Even single people who want to do something more than climb the corporate ladder. Even disgruntled office employees who want to escape a cubicle lifestyle.

But the point I want to make about working in freedom is not just about being able to access my work emails while I’m on the go. It’s not about having portable devices and being a workhorse.

As a mom, it’s about these little people:

But even if I wasn’t a mom, I know I would want to work within a lifestyle that matches my need for constant learning, for “location independence,” so that I could do things I enjoy and not feel guilty about it. Wouldn’t it be great to have a job that you enjoy? I think so. I know of friends who enjoy being virtual assistants, because they can still go on road trips and still manage the businesses of clients halfway around the world. I have friends who are freelance writers and copywriters who can live in a different province every quarter of the year, just because they have the “location-free” type of jobs that let them do so.

What working in freedom looks like to us

What does “working in freedom” look like for our family? Well, it’s simple.

We get to do our groceries first thing in the morning on weekdays, with no crowds or lines in the checkout counter.

We can take staycations from Sunday to Monday if we want to, instead of peak times like Friday to Sunday.

We can let the kids wake up past 8AM, because we can spend the morning homeschooling and my husband can go to the gym or the running track to work out, because we can begin work after lunch.

Instead of going out on weekends, we can stay in, at home, because it’s too crowded in the malls and parks.

I know it sounds silly to some people, but if you knew these little “freedoms”, you’d understand what I mean! Working in freedom means making work work for us. If it’s going to help us to make time for the kids first thing in the morning, then our projects and our sales reports can be done in the afternoon while they nap or play or draw quietly.

Working in freedom, for me and my husband, often means our days don’t look the same or follow a regular routine. But it also means that our days have a rhythm that works for our little family. Maybe when the kids are older and one (or both!) of them doesn’t want to be homeschooled, our “normal” will change. But this is our “normal” right now. And it’s been our “normal” for five going six years. I wouldn’t mind if it went on and on for more.

Do you want to work in freedom?

This September, the folks at Manila Workshops are holding their 3rd annual Work at Home Expo, together with the group we co-founded, the WAHMderful Life Community of work at home moms. The Work at Home Expo is a one-day, whole day event on September the 26th which will feature a slate of entrepreneurs and speakers who believe in doing work that sets people free — financially, location-wise, and in their respective fields. I invite you to join us!

work at home expo 2015

The WAH Expo is an annual one-day expo of talks and mini- workshops geared towards the encouragement and empowerment of Filipinos who are working from home or would like to be work from home professionals. This event are for people who are currently working from home as entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, and for those who are planning to work from home in the near future. This event will provide attendees knowledge and tips about working from home. It will also be a great event where people can network and meet other people that they can collaborate or work with or for in the future.  (… Read more on Manila Workshops)

I hope to see you at the WAH Expo! We’ve got an amazing line-up of speakers, including Tippy Pelayo-Go of, Frances Sales of Topaz Horizon, Anna Meloto-Wilk of Human Heart Nature, Rissa Mananquil of Happy Skin, and many, many more! Be inspired to “follow your bliss” and work in the freedom that you deserve!

To sign up now for only Php100, go to Manila Workshops’ right now: BUY tickets now for the WAH Expo 2015