blissmakerie 2014

My partners and I last year at the first Blissmakerie 2014

My fellow partners in this new business have already released their posts about this collab, but I (as usual) am pulling out the “mom-with-clingy-baby” card and releasing this post days late! Haha! 

One of the things I’m grateful for is the power of the Internet to connect real people to one another. Thanks to the online world, I metFrances Sales (of and Topaz Mommy) and Ginger Arboleda (Mommy Ginger). They are two of my best friends in the world of blogging and social media, but offline, we’re really just friends. We’ve spent many a late night on Facebook chat, talking about our lives, our marriages, our children, our frustrations and also our dreams.

Eventually, our chats bore fruit, and we wanted to create something that would address the stuff we’d talk about — you know, the real struggles of being a women in today’s world. So last September 26th, during the Work-at-Home Expo, we three  launched a new business called “Beauty Biz Bliss.” What does it mean and why did we choose those words for our business?

The intention

The intention for Beauty Biz Bliss (and its core value) is “collaboration over competition.” This is not a unique adage to us. I’d been seeing the phrase and the hashtag often on blogging circles around the globe, most prominently on Instagram and social media hashtags, and always concerning women. We compete with one another, tear each other down with gossip, and other terrible things.

In our experience as bloggers in particular, we’ve seen how comparisons and criticisms divvy up the community. It’s quite apparent in our segment of the blogosphere, that of the mommy blogs. Much like high school, there are groups and cliques in the online world: the attachment parenting advocates here, the breastfeeding advocates there, the cloth diapering mamas over here, and the homeschool mamas there, and many, many more.

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (8 of 10)

During our time as blogging mamas, we’ve experienced the pains of being around these different camps. Because of how we’ve documented our lives on our blogs, the three of us in BBB have experienced other women calling us down, talking behind our backs, some even trolling our blogs online and making insinuating remarks.

We knew that there was something redemptive about blogging, though. That’s why we’d talk about it on our Facebook chats, late into the nights. We mused about the “high school clique” culture of the blogosphere and knew that it wasn’t just here where competition, gossip and shaming existed: It was in all communities of women.

And so we decided: We wanted to help break the cycle of women against women, bloggers against bloggers. We three had seen how key collaborations in the past — on our respective blogs — were effective. We wanted to see women encouraging one another, working together even if they were “competitors” (e.g. of the same business niche or product niche). We wanted to create a tribe of women where all our differences are validated, even celebrated.

We wanted to show that collaboration is more powerful that competition.

Which is why, our collaboration is…

BBB: For ALL women.

We intend to be inclusive of women from all walks of life, be they single or married. This is the beauty of Beauty Biz Bliss, because while the three of us spearheading the endeavor are married with children, we were all women first. Each of us also has unique talents and gifts, and we’ve used the three words in our business to apply to different components.


Beauty: The three of us aren’t beauty experts, but we do believe that to be successful women, we have to exude inner beauty that expresses itself outwardly. So for us, the “beauty” component of BBB includes building confidence in the women we work with. We don’t want to simply focus on “dressing for your body type” or something just adhering to the outward appearance of a women. Our workshops and events will also emphasize confidence and self-worth, because it is this healthy self-esteem that will enable women to embrace their true identity, their real potential to follow their dreams and even make those happen. In BBB, Frances will be heading up this branch.

Biz: As working women, Frances, Ginger and I know that work is not just a duty, but a privilege. And, if we want our work to be meaningful, we need the proper tools and strategies to make it so! That’s where “biz” comes in, or the art of working excellently. We want women to know how to succeed in the workplace, if they choose to remain employed. We want entrepreneurial women or women with startup businesses to likewise succeed, and have the know-how to make their meaningful work grow and flourish. Ginger — the serial entrepreneur in BBB — will take point here.

Bliss: The three of us agree that we are all doing work that we are damn good at and that we love. In BBB, following one’s bliss simply means thinking about the big picture for your life, thinking out-of-the-box, and creating a lifestyle that you love. “Bliss” means opening the doors that were once shut to you, hurdling those negative thoughts that hold you back so that you can say “YES” to the things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the confidence to do so. You might have dreams of pursuing a career outside what you studied; you might want to travel the world but need some kind of meaningful work that’ll help you afford this lifestyle; you might be starting a project that you’ve always been excited about but need the framework to help you succeed. I, Martine (whom both my partners agree is the “big picture girl”, the one with great ideas and strategies) will head up this department.

“A three ply cord is not easily broken,” goes an old Hebrew saying in the Bible. I really believe that Frances, Ginger and I are better together. We have helped each other level up in her respective fields at one point or another. We’re regular collaborators, because we know each one’s strength.

And so, we want to collaborate with you, beautiful one!

Beauty Biz Bliss is a social experience, as much as it is a brand. Our events will be made up of socials, curated gatherings and also workshops that will tackle the three main components: beauty, business, and bliss. This excites us, and we can’t wait to launch these projects, with you, with your brand (if you represent a brand and are reading this!)

For now, please like our Facebook page, Beauty Biz Bliss and add it to your Favorites on Facebook, so that you will always get our page updates.

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We cannot wait to work with you for a more beautiful you, both inside & out.