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The first time Cristina Madara and I “met” was over Instagram (gotta love Instagram!) We’d been following each other and liking each others photos, until one day she emailed me about a collaboration. That was waaaaaaay back in January, when I had just given birth, and after months of emailing, brunch meetings, and some more waiting and planning, we finally came about with a concept for a collaboration. But before I tell you more about it, I wanted you guys to get to know Cristina, and why her advocacy for “curated beauty” is really all about making things — you, you beautiful lady! — more blissful. Here’s her take on her passion.

1. Talk about Cristina Madara interests, works, and passions in life.

I am an Image Consultant whose specialization or niche is in beauty.  My interests include reading and researching skincare and makeup technologies or innovations, learning makeup techniques from acclaimed artists, YouTube beauty vlogging, reading, writing and creating.  I am a very visually inclined person.  Working with colors and palettes in different mediums always excites me and always learning.

My work is largely comprised of consulting for brands and conducting image workshops for companies and individuals.  I work closely with beauty brands creating marketing campaigns and events that enable them to reach the right demographics and help them get the correct language and messaging of products or collections across.  With individuals I work closely on helping them achieve a more effective overall image by enhancing their personal branding by developing their appearance, behavior and communication skills.  For companies, I have done consultation from conducting image workshops for front liners to developing specific skills for executives or for television purposes i.e. developing speaking skills for hosts/ talents.


My true passion is being able to share and show how image truly has a powerful impact on how effective we are in the different roles we have in life; and enabling men and women to not only have that understanding and mindset but showing them how them can fully utilize these aspects in order to be more effective individuals.

As a woman and specifically knowing the pressures that society places on them to look a certain way, I am most passionate about showing women how beauty is not as overwhelming and time-consuming as it is perceived to be.  It is something that is very attainable given the right tools, products and techniques.  It is not something exclusive to only the wealthy or the naturally blessed ones.  Beauty is personal; it is customizable to fit ones needs, budget and lifestyle.  I am passionate about empowering women by showing them how they can create their own beauty without being dependent on a makeup artist, the salon or a dermatologists.  As someone, who has been dependent on all those, I am passionate in sharing the wisdom and knowledge I have gained through the years that have enabled me to be my own make up artist and my own dermatologist.  It has almost been a decade since I have truly needed or solicited the service of either and once I was just as clueless and dependent as the women I see today.  It is never too late to learn your beauty.


2. How did your image consultancy come about and how has it made your life more purposeful?

I began in fashion working as a merchandiser and retail manager for brands such as ZARA and H&M Canada.  My job involved travelling around Canada and training front liners on customer service, image how to communicate etc.  It required me to always look a certain way and I learned how to speak and communicate effectively for different audiences whether that be peers, CEO’s, staff or customers. Being diplomatic, politically correct, stern yet effective were some skills, which I naturally picked up along the way.  Image in fashion is a very very important factor in where you would go.  Your image is your personal brand and global fashion retail had taught me that first hand.

In the middle of my ZARA career I took a month to study Image Consulting in Milan Istituto Marangoni.  This was 2005 and this industry was still very new. I learned the overall aspects of Image from makeup to beauty to styling. In 2010, I further enhanced my Image Consulting by taking Gillian Armour’s Professional Image Consulting based in San Francisco and in 2012 taking Color Analysis Certification with Karen Brunger of the International Image Institute based in Toronto Canada.

My organic growth of my love for beauty led to Makeup certifications from celebrity acclaimed make up artists; such as Scott Barnes in 2014, Kandee Johnson in 2011 and Koren Zander in 2011 as well.

All these led to my natural evolution as an Image consultant with a specialization in beauty as I am today.



It has made my life purposeful because I know that it is what I was meant to do.  It is not a job, it is where I find that I am most effective and make most use of the skills that I have been uniquely given. Everything that I have ever been naturally inclined to has found its summation in the work that I do today. The confidence I am able to instill and nurture in others through my work and the overall message that – image is not about frivolity its about being effective individuals and similarly being respectful to others by the way we pay attention to these details.

3 .Tell us about CBeauty the Brand.

CBeauty is a myriad of brands in one umbrella CBeauty Enterprises.  It is both products and services.

In products, I have CBeauty or Coconut Beauty, which is a skincare line, developed primarily with the use of the superstar ingredient of coconut oil.  On my website, I have Curated Beauty as well which is a selection of international brands and products which I highly use and recommend.

As a service, CBeauty pertains to the beauty or individual image consulting services I customize for groups or clients.

4. Take us through the experience of CBeautyLounge

The CBeautyLounge aims to be a very different kind of beauty workshop.  It is not limited to just learning how to put make up or your typical make up workshop.  It is more centered towards individuals experiencing beauty through discovery.  It is a neutral space where clients are able to use and learn how to practically apply different beauty products and customize their regimens more according to their needs and being able to effectively address these needs versus watching a demo of unrealistic looks not applicable to their daily lives.  The focus of the lounge is to enable women by a more realistic and attainable approach to beauty as well as making them understand how to harness products and tools more towards their specific needs.  The focus of the lounge are the attendees and not the looks, products or brand but instilling an attainable beauty.


5. And now, we are collaborating on your signature event, CBeauty Lounge — yay! What will make “Make It Beauty-Ful” a unique experience for practical and simple women?

Make it Beauty-Ful is about making real women understand how beauty works and how it is attainable and customizable to the needs, budget and time constraints that a modern day woman would have.  Being in collaboration with Martine de Luna who is a true representation of this woman, balancing work and family, Cristina will customize a 2 hour session that addresses the three main concerns most women like Martine has.

i.e. what is my necessary skincare, how do I create an easy polished look in a few minutes etc…

Make it Beauty-ful is a workshop for real women with real needs.  It is a venue and a conversation that most brand oriented-events fail to have.  At the heart of this session is to enable women to truly create a workable and attainable beauty regimen that is both practical yet effective.

It will enable women to free themselves from misconceptions about beauty and the dependence on others to find and know their beauty.  Through this session I am confident that we leave with inspired and empowered women who now have the ability to personalize and customize their beauty.

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To reserve a slot:
1. Send an email to rsvp@cbeauty.ca
2. Subject: Make it Beauty-Ful RSVP
Also will do a social media campaign to help spread the word:
One winner will be chosen to receive the complete “Make it Beauty-Ful” Beauty Kit