Welcome to Blog Love, where I feature bloggers who are living their bliss and finding happiness through their blogs. Lucy Waring is a freelance writer and blogger based in Singapore, whom I met virtually through a bloggers’ support group. You can find her blogging at Lulabelle Lifestyle where she talks fashion and travel as well as revealing Singapore’s hidden gems. She also organizes #blogmeetsg networking events bringing boutique brands and bloggers together. 

1.  How has your blogging journey been so far? Any lessons or insights?

It’s been an adventure! From when I published my first post to now I have loved every minute of learning a whole new world and teaching myself a load of new skills and meeting so many new and interesting people. Creating content from scratch and relying on my own experiences is a challenge I adore and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lulabelle Lifestyle.

2. Your blog name sounds fun and whimsical! What’s the story behind it?

Thank you! The name Lulabelle actually originates from my Mom who would always call me Lulabelle when I was growing up (actually she still does!) So when I was thinking of a name for my blog, I wanted something that reflected me which was also unique and this name kept coming back to me. The word Lifestyle is because I like to talk about all of my passions on the blog from fashion and beauty to travel and food.

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3. So tell me about Singapore. What made you choose to move here, and not another Asian country, and what’s it been like living as an expat?

Singapore is somewhere I have loved ever since I visited in 2010 and got a taste for the swanky rooftop bars, delicious local food and the blue skies and sunshine. Therefore, when the opportunity came for my Fiancé and I to move here we both knew it was an opportunity not to be missed. Having said that, it wasn’t an easy decision to move away from the UK because we both have such amazing families and friends and there are times I wish Singapore and the UK weren’t so far apart, however because I know I won’t be in Singapore forever I am determined to make the best of this amazing country. Plus living as an expat is great as you get to meet so many people from all over the world in a relatively short space of time due to Singapore’s small size and the ability to travel to so many countries close by is pretty special.


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4. What are some of your favorite spots in Singapore, for culture, food and design, specifically?

There are so many! For culture, I always love walking around Tiong Bahru soaking up the heritage shop houses, local wet market and local cafés I also love visiting the Botanic Gardens to envelop myself in the peace and quiet of nature here. For food (now this really is a tough one) for local food you can’t beat a hawker centre, try the local delicacy of BBQ stingray with spicy sambal or a creamy and spicy Laksa. However, one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore is Tatsuya, who serve Japanese cuisine, the sushi here is incredible. For design, inspiration is all around you with the contrast of the colourful shop houses and the uber modern glass skyscrapers, for unique design pieces for your home I always head to Audrey Lee Interiors on Zion Road.

5. What would be some of your top tips for blogger expats, based on your experiences? 

Keep going and don’t give up. Blogging can be a lot of hard work and pretty unforgiving in the beginning, but once you turn the corner you never look back and I can honestly say that waking up each morning to do something I love and I am passionate about it is something I am extremely grateful for.

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6. Tell us about your various series on the blog. Which have been the most useful or popular, and why?

My favourite and most popular series is my #Friday fashion fix published (you guessed it!) every Friday. In this series I cover all things fashion, however I often shine the spotlight on Singapore based brands or brands who ship to Singapore to highlight the amazing designs and quality there is out there and not from the usual highstreet or high end designer brands… halleluyah!

7. What’s next on your plate for Lulabelle Lifestyle?

2015 so far has been a very busy year for Lulabelle Lifestyle where I have been focusing on growing my readership, followers and expanding my content on the blog. I have also set up #blogmeetsg which is a networking platform for bloggers and boutique brands to meet at events and connect here in Singapore. I have absolutely loved organizing these events and being able to meet so many amazing bloggers and inspiring business owners. There will be another couple of events towards the end of 2015 so watch this space!

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