It was such a treat to collaborate with the beautiful Cristina Madara on her newest concept, The CBeauty Lounge, an experience of customized beauty. We held it last November 28th in the Benefit Cosmetics branch of BGC Central, which turned out to be the perfect venue for the nine energetic and passionate women who joined us that day. Many of them were attendees of past Make it Blissful blog workshops, Blissmakeries, and of course, all were readers of the blog! (Thanks, girls! It meant so much to me to have you there!)

For a backgrounder on what CBeauty is, you may want to revisit my post about Cristina here: Customized Beauty with Cristina Madara. I had been wanting to collaborate with Cristina ever since I learned about her workshops, and it was in early 2015 that we connected. However, motherhood and a slew of other things prompted us to push the event to November, which turned out to be timely since the concept of “face wardrobing” would be a fresh new start in skincare and makeup, for all of us!


Benefit Cosmetics Philippines was our gracious host and product sponsor. We learned how to use their products correctly and for the best results, thanks to Cristina’s teaching and guidance. I love how the Benefit product display can be converted into a workshop space!


Our official hashtag was #MakeitBeautyFULL. For me, it means that beauty is far more than the products we use. Beauty is an intentional state of mind, which is something Cristina and I agree on totally, and the use of products for one’s beauty wardrobe is part of what makes a woman whole and complete in her person. We believe that beauty radiates from the mind, from the heart, and by knowing how products work, we believe that women can be empowered with knowledge that will help them bring out their best qualities, starting with the most obvious: skincare and the enhancement of our best assets using thoughtfully-selected makeup.




I won’t go into specifics of the workshop, as the content is really privileged information for those who attended the workshop. But what I can say is that during the workshop, Cristina made one thing clear: There is no silver bullet for one’s particular kind of skincare and makeup routine. Just as a fashion stylist recommends certain cuts, fabrics and tailoring to a client, a “face wardrobe” is an informed, intentional attitude towards our personal care choices. The perfect face wardrobe combines the best practices of skincare (cleansing, toning, moisturizing, anti-aging, exfoliating) with the enhancement of your facial features — which is what makes personal beauty unique to each woman.




It was very satisfying to see the ladies learning the best practices for skincare: from how to properly apply something as basic as a moisturizer, to the proper intervals in between products for the optimal results. Some of the ladies realized they were missing out on essential steps, like sun protection or moisturizing, and it helped that Cristina was there to provide guidance. We spent as much time on the skincare component as we did on the makeup portion, which is what makes this CBeauty Lounge experience far more intentional than other makeup workshops out there.



Cristina is a trained and certified image consultant, which means her job is so much more than teaching about skincare and makeup. She specializes in empowering women with the mindset to be their best selves, and uses face wardrobing and personal branding in the process. It’s quite a unique approach, and our CBeauty Lounge only scratched the surface, really. (In fact, a full consultation with Cristina can never be compounded into an afternoon workshop! Inquire with her for details about her image consultancy services:



I so loved these women who attended. Like me, most were self-confessed makeup virgins, haha! We got more than just makeup advice though. After talking to some of them after the event, we all agreed that makeup was just a snippet of the valuable knowledge we learned that day. To summarize, I’d like to state the learnings in three points:


1. Beauty is personal. Own it! Each of us is beautiful not because we look like models. Beauty is individual, it is uniqueness, it is special to each one. Workshops like these help us to affirm that beauty, in the midst of other women who acknowledge the gifts we might otherwise gloss over, even ignore. I know everyone really owned their beauty that day, because no one left without a huge smile and a happy heart.

2. Confidence can be taught. I know what it’s like to be clueless about makeup and skincare, and this has at some point affected my self-confidence. It’s not even silly, because makeup is really meant to just enhance what we’ve been born with. Knowing how to use skincare and makeup, however, is empowering because we feel we have an extra “boost” when we put ourselves out into the world. Learning how to properly care for ourselves is not vanity (which is selfish by nature); rather, it is a sign of confidence, of self-worth. Having an inner confidence that we CAN do and accomplish our goals and dreams is absolutely healthy and means we possess a healthy self-esteem.

3. We are all empowered to be our best selves. Beauty isn’t simply skincare and makeup. Those are just tools to enhance our God-given qualities. Beauty is an expression of our hearts, our authentic selves. When we are internally “right”, meaning we are of good moral character, we are selfless, we practice virtue, these qualities will shine outwardly, in our physical appearance.



To inquire about having a CBeauty Lounge customized beauty workshop, contact, or visit Drop by the #MakeitBeautyFULL hashtag to see more photos of this event.