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Sometime in 2012, I started to help other women improve their blogs. It wasn’t something I intentionally got into as a job, but was more of a sideline that worked out. It started with one lifestyle blogger here in the Philippines, who hired me to do a “blog critique” of her existing blog. I then formed a team to help her relaunch it: the developer, the designer, the technical team, and I was the project manager and branding consultant.

Since that first project, I saw the potential in creating a service that would help non-techy women launch blogs, websites, and later on e-commerce sites — all of these, digital platforms. As the consultant, I would be on top of the project, providing a framework and system to help these women gain clarity about their personal brands, so that they could create offerings and content for their readers (or customers, if they had small businesses).

To launch these digital platforms, I collaborated with web designers and website developers. I succeeded with some, and failed miserably with others, but there was one collaborative working relationship that always, always worked out for me… and that was (and still is) with Patricia Alix-Villa of Fancy Girl Design Studio.


(Throwback photo! Pat’s and my first face-to-face meeting while I was on holiday in Singapore, January 2013.)

Pat and I have been working on women’s blogs, websites and e-shops for the last four going on five years! If a client would come to me for clarity coaching on creating a website or blog, I’d finish coaching them then turn them over to Pat for design work. However, more and more clients seemed to want a working arrangement that involved Pat and I working closely together as a unit, so that their blogs and sites could have our guidance and input from start to finish.

It was then that Pat and I began collaborating more and more, helping clients conceptualize, develop, and eventually launch their digital platforms.

This year, 2016, we’re finally putting a name to this service that we’ve been offering to women for the last four years. Yes, it has a name!


The Digital Diva Website & Blog Branding Experience is a customized digital branding, design and copywriting service for women who run businesses or blogs, or both! During this brand experience, Pat and I work with women from the conceptualization of a website, blog, or shop, down to its launch. It’s as full-service as you can get. We also work with a team of administrative and technical providers, too, so if you need things like web hosting, registering a name for your website or blog, or setting up the technical side of your online shop, we’ve got you covered. (Our preferred partners are VA Support Pro – specializing in e-commerce setup, and The Techie Mom – specializing in WordPress migrations, upkeep and maintenance.)

What’s my part in this experience? I (Martine) begin the Branding Experience with a few weeks of Coaching: blog coaching, which includes developing the Brand of the small business or blogger for an online platform (which you can find out more about here: Frequently Asked Questions). I basically start a client off with Clarity exercises, so that you know what you want to get out of this experience, and so that you will have a solid brand concept. This is different from the design of the website — that follows after all the clarity exercises. I also take you through your Content, meaning the material, the words, even the services that will be on your website or blog. Finally, I start you off with the Design Brief, which is basically training you how to converse with and relate to your graphic designer (who will execute the design).

When does Patricia come in for the Design Phase? Once you have your Clear Brand Objective, your website or blog’s Content Concept, and your initial Design Brief, we begin working with Patricia on the Design Phase. This is where we help you use Pinterest to collect your visual inspiration, and where Patricia presents mood boards, mockups and your final design concept. Then we work side-by-side with you getting the website up and running, right up to your launch.

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We’ve done heaps of clients throughout the years, so I can’t enumerate each of them one by one. You may, however, want to look at some of the sites we’ve collaborated on over at Patricia’s Facebook Page album: Fancy Girl Design Studio – WordPress Sites. Incidentally, we launched some of the websites of the Blissmakers here, like Mariel of The Learning Basket (an e-commerce platform), Maricel of A Sweet Cottage (blog), Mia of MiaYMarch Photography (photography business), and Louise of Mommy Practicality (mommy blog). We also collaborated on noted brands like The Spoiled Mummy, Marilen Montenegro, the 25 Mushrooms Kitchen official site, among others. We have some projects in the works, as always.

We’re looking forward to helping you find your place in this online world (cue: “Place in this World”, one of my favorite songs everrrrr. I thought I’d have you watch/listen to it while you fill up our form, hahaha.)

Ask us about our Digital Diva Branding Experience today. You may send your inquiries directly through the Digital Diva Brand Experience Inquiry Pagewhere we will give you a no-obligation quote for your website or blog design and coaching.