how to start new year meaningfully

They say apples perk you up better than coffee, and that they keep the doctor away, and that they’re good for you. This post hopes to be just that: Small morsels of goodness that’ll keep the blues at bay, and hopefully help you begin this year on a happy, soulfully-healthy note.

Because we have a wonderful team of contributing bloggers here on Make it Blissful, I asked some of the ladies two things, shortly before the year ended last year. I posted these questions in our private Facebook group:

1. What brought you joy in 2015, despite the struggles?
2. What one short piece of advice can you give our readers, for a meaningful New Year?

Reading their replies was indeed encouraging, and I wanted to share them with you! Do let them know if their messages resonated with you by leaving a comment below, OK?

From Toni of Wifely Steps

What brought her joy in 2015: Being steadfast about putting my family first, especially at the workplace. The struggle of finding that balance with family life has always been there, but more and more I’ve been learning to make choices that put my family first. Having partners at the workplace who understand this motivation is critical to not just being a happy employee but a happy person overall, and it brings me joy know I am supported by my teammates.

Toni’s Advice for a meaningful New Year : Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the NOW. Memorize scenes with your senses and emotions, instead of automatically picking up a camera to take pictures. Those steal the candor and the natural joy of the moment. Try not make plans on New Year’s Day even if it’s a great time to make resolutions. Just enjoy the present. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the NOW. It makes moments more meaningful.

From Vanessa of Shed, Mom:

What brought her joy in 2015: Making family a priority. This for me meant having to let go of lucrative WAHM opportunities so I have time to be fully present for my child and husband without being a grumpy mom worrying about work related stuff!

Van’s Advice for a meaningful New Year : This quote: Gratitude turns what you have into enough.

From Carmel of Pink My Ride:

What brought her joy in 2015: I switched jobs this year. Though part of me kind of regrets it because of abrupt and difficult adjustments that I need to make, I am deliberately choosing to be joyful and grateful so that I can look at it as a new learning experience and a new chance to contribute something meaningful.

Carmel’s Advice for a meaningful New Year: Be grateful, always. I’ve learned this year that the first step towards making anything (family life, friendships, work, holiday gatherings) meaningful is gratefulness.

From Audrey of Cheerful Journey:

What brought her joy in 2015: This year, I re-launched my blog At the same time, I was able to pursue one of my passions – organizing meaningful and beautiful events. Looking back, these are some of the things that brought joy to my 2015.

Audrey’s Advice for a meaningful New Year: Strive to achieve your full potential as an individual, surround yourself with the right people, pursue your passion, love yourself and your family, be grateful, and most of all – have the right relationship with God.

From Maricel of A Sweet Cottage:

What brought her joy in 2015: Making my family a priority has always been on top of my list, but this year my husband and i focused on the sport that our children loves (baseball and softball). Seeing them excel in it, and at times they don’t. But still we really showed them our dedication to them by being there for EVERY game during the year! Sun burn and all! No weekends! This brought joy to me because I say the joy it brought to them. It’s all worth it!

Maricel’s Advice for a meaningful New Year: Enjoy and be present in every moment! You can never take it back.

Tina of Truly Rich & Blessed:

What brought her joy in 2015: Knowing that despite my human limitations, imperfections, weaknesses and sins, God was still able to use me in different ways — as a wife and mother, writer and editor, speaker and online TV host, among other things. So many blessings, so much joy!!!

Tina’s advice for a meaningful New Year: Pray and seek God’s blessings and wisdom for the New Year ahead; claim His victory in advance; choose your One Word (and if you want to, your One Verse (from the Bible, if it’s in your faithwalk).

From Marilen of

What brought her joy in 2015: Being able to inspire people and point them towards God in some small if not big way.

Marilen’s Advice for a meaningful New Year : (This is more for the moms here) Teach children that all things NEW is possible because of Christ and the new life we can have through him


I hope you enjoyed and took to heart all that they have said. Such blessings, these women are. And not all were able to contribute answers because we’re all very busy women, but you can greet Mariel, Louise, Denise and Rikka over on our Make it Blissful Bloggers Mastermind on Facebook any time!

And as for me, well, here’s my take:

What brought me (Martine!) joy in 2015:  I am grateful mostly for the birth of my daughter, Krista Valentina, in January of last year. She has brought so much joy to our family! I am also grateful for this blog community, Make it Blissful, because despite my failures, mistakes and boo-boos as an editor, a coach and a blogging mentor, God still saw that there was “something good” here. This showed in how He blessed last year’s workshops and gatherings, even though I was not able to give 100 percent because of my mistakes. Grace was sufficient.

My humble Advice for a meaningful New Year : Stay humble and grateful. Everything is a blessing!