Since we started holding the Blissmakeries, I’ve met so many wonderful women with special gifts and skills, others with businesses that utilize these skills. One of my friends, Marge (whom some of you may know as The Happy WAHM), was even inspired to create a new business after she learned how to crochet. Another friend (and one of our Blissmakers here), Audrey, launched a new passion in event design, starting with the event, Make it Blissful with Luminisce, which utilized her skills in wonderful ways.

Throughout the past year, I’ve had conversations with these and other ladies, about finding their “bliss” (you know, those things that give them passion and happiness). I gained many new friends and confidantes. Interestingly, many of these conversations also sparked talks on how busy we’ve all become as women. So busy, in fact, that this current generation of ladies expressed concerns like not knowing how to cook a simple meal at home, or even mend a button on their pants or shirt. And it eventually sprung ideas for a new set of gatherings that would be produced by Make it Blissful, one connected to a cause to equip young ladies — singles, newlyweds, even fresh grads, new homeowners — to navigate the “lost arts of making a home.”

Enter The Art of Homemaking, our newest set of Make it Blissful Gatherings:


Why homemaking?

As I mentioned, I’ve had talks with a number of ladies (and have replied to emails of others) who’ve asked, “How do you make a home, really?” or “I don’t know how to do simple things in the house; I don’t even know how to cook rice!” Responses like these were intriguing to me, since my own mother taught me much about homemaking, doing chores and being a steward of the home.

In response, I created a batch of gatherings with a learning aspect and a “ladies day” flavor to them. I admit, I read a lot of Jane Austen and Emily Post while conceptualizing this brand of workshops! But they seem to have a good response, considering we took a survey among the readers, who were looking for a different kind of workshop than the usual crafty type that’s popular these days.

The workshops

Inspired by the whole “homeward bound” direction, all the workshops in the Art of Homemaking are all centered around living well within one’s home. It is a suite of gatherings for ladies who would like to celebrate and learn the arts centered around a meaningful home. We have five kinds of workshop-gatherings in this series. They are:

  • The Art of Florals (flower arranging 101)
  • The Art of Sewing & Mending (basics on how to sew — so many need to know this!)
  • The Art of Letters & Notes
  • The Art of Hostessing (table settings; entertaining hacks)
  • The Art of Preserves (how to make bottled foods, bottled gifts from home)

We have different teachers for each one, all of whom have been a part of the Make it Blissful Community for some time now. The first workshop will kick off on February 6th, which will be a Floral Arranging workshop! My next post is all about those (yes, “those” because we have two!), along with details about our instructors for these floral workshops. I’m so excited about it!

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