reflect then blog

It’s the second year the site’s been wearing her new clothes. And it’s time to once again go back through the years and be grateful for what’s happened so far and look forward at what is to come. And what’s to come is another change… A pivot, if you will.

I’ve pivoted many times on this blog, each time dealing with a particular life stage.

I’ve been coming to terms with my role as a blogger of late. I started off as a mommy blogger six years ago this March. I entered during the “mommy blog boom,” with a goal to change the way I blogged so that I could somehow stand out and offer something different. You do, of course, know the story of how I got distracted and sucked into the whirlwind of “mommy blogger-ness”, and all its ins and outs, its perks and some small level of recognition, some nominations, too. In the end, it just never fit into the lifestyle I wanted for the family.

Things have changed, as rapidly as they do in this digital age. Today, I can hardly call myself a “blogger” in the commonly known sense of the word. I’ve written about how I’ll never be the best lifestyle blogger, and so I’ve always felt uncomfortable being called that or pigeon-holing myself into that niche, for lack of a better definition for the blog.

I do blog, but I blog to (hopefully) raise awareness for a message or idea that I want to get across to people. Yes, I do document my life from time to time, and hopefully, connect with others through my stories. But, after going in a certain direction — away from the mommy blogger style, specifically as Make it Blissful —, I found a whole new world of experiences: work to do, communities to build, gatherings to create, women to befriend, connections to cherish.

This is where I am now, where Make it Blissful is.

Don’t be “inspired” by how I live.

This blog isn’t even a snippet of what our lives are really like. I don’t owe that to you guys, and I’m saying that in a genuinely nice way, OK! I don’t mean for readers to come to this site and be inspired by how I live. God forbid! You’re your own life. You already know how to live it. I know how I need to live mine right now, and that’s with simplicity, frugality and prudence as we grow a small business, raise two kids, and enter our 8th year of marriage. I know we’re going to go through heartaches, unmet goals, unfufilled dreams, the joys, the moments of bliss. We’re also going to stir our morning coffee, do the laundry, take out the trash, iron our clothes, deposit checks in the bank, and work, work, and oh boy, work.

Guess what. You’re going to go through all that, too. That’s life. Everyone’s life is like this. A blogger might just publicize parts of her life for the world to read…. but that’s not what I want to do anymore, as if I needed to invite you to how I live, or work or do things. Now I personally enjoy my work and my life, but I don’t expect anyone to use my life as some sort of peg or example of how they should be living theirs.

So, I’ll continue to share what I’m learning, what I’m figuring out, what I’m struggling with in my thoughts. The contributors to Make it Blissful will likewise always contribute articles that are practical and uplifting, so that you can add them to you bank of ideas when you need a new way of doing things or of looking at things.

What “making things blissful” means

This site will continue to be for people who want to “make things blissful”, and that means —

  • those who want to live differently, perhaps have a slower approach to life and blogging;
  • those who believe in meaningful partnerships, collaborations and relationships, whether online, with brands, or with other people and communities;
  • those who believe in going against templates or societal systems or feel-good spirituality;
  • those who know what it means to “design their lives,” and not in the material sense of a “lifestyle blog”;
  • those who aren’t afraid to be misunderstood, because they are living in a way that makes sense to them.

As a brand, Make it Blissful will keep on —

  • creating boutique experiences for women to collaborate and come together, through gatherings, workshops, and our occasional Blissmakerie. These won’t be your regular blogger or PR events (We don’t need more of those). These will be gatherings that will only be attended by women who want to be there for themselves, for their own growth and personal enhancement. Floral workshops, homemaking events, creative gatherings, and yes, our blogging & social media workshops: All these fall under this intention.
  • helping women — whether they be brands, bloggers or small businesses —, to create websites that effectively bring their message and offerings to the world (not just limited to blogs)
  • connecting people through our hubs on social media, like @makeitblissful and @ihavethisthingforflowers, and whatever other new hubs are created, based on our passions as a community that loves learning together.

I’ll be writing more about the blogging, social media and community-building side of things, because my work encompasses these. Also because I really, really do like sharing about them! If ever I do write about my family, it’ll be connected somehow with a message or a lesson or an idea that is bigger than just what we did, where we went, or what we ate.

This really is the pivot here: This isn’t a blog just about Martine De Luna’s ramblings. I don’t need others to be interested in more than what I post on Instagram or the occasional social media update. I mean isn’t it refreshing to know that you don’t owe anyone what your baby or kid or husband is doing? I think so.

Re-read the bullet points again about what this site is for and what we’ll keep doing as a community, as Make it Blissful. We’re so excited for the other things in store for the rest of 2016; wouldn’t you like to join us?

And, thanks for reading up to this point. I’m excited for these changes, how about you?