Maple Alps intentional blog

I’m excited to share this new issue of Blog Love with you today, because it feels like sharing a rare gem. I came upon Maple Alps — an intentional living blog and community — through the Facebook group, Blogging Boost. I was immediately drawn to what Amanda was trying to achieve through her community, and it spoke to me deeply. I suppose it is because I am going through a new path in my own quest to live intentionally, and Maple Alps gives me such practical tips and resources to help me along. Allow me to introduce you to Amanda, the blogger behind this inspiring community.

MiB (Martine): Tell me a bit about yourself as a woman. What are your passions, interests, and work?

Hi there! I’m Amanda. I am a recent graduate and a newlywed. I am also a Canadian living in the United States with just enough time on my hands to work on my lifelong goal of becoming a ‘domestic goddess.’ Needless to say, my life is taking pretty interesting twists these days!
I always thought being a housewife might be fun, and I was totally right. When I’m not cleaning or cooking, you can usually find me crocheting, taking a run, or practicing a musical instrument.

One day I hope to fulfil another dream of mine and [finally] become a full-time music teacher. If that never happens, I’ll be content as long as I can travel often!

How did you come to begin Maple Alps, and what is the goal for it as a blog? Did you always intend for this to be your blog’s focus?

I have always loved writing, and actually started blogging in 2007 for myself, just to get out some poems and thoughts. When I traveled abroad, I kept a blog to keep my family and friends informed of my crazy (and they were crazy!) adventures. I also actively kept (and still keep) a Tumblr (you can link if you like)

Maple Alps came out of a season of uncertainty. Living in a different country, and not being able to work outside of the home created the perfect circumstances for starting a blog. My husband encouraged and reminded me I should be using my talents and time to help others and suggested I start a blog. The more I thought about it, the more the idea became appealing, and Maple Alps was born.
Maple Alps intentional blog

It has evolved from my first intentions, and is still a work in progress, but it has been fun!

Take us through how you create the content for the blog. What are some best practices you use, maybe tools, communities and resources that you could recommend?

A lot of what I write about is from experience. My content also springs from what I am currently learning about, working on, or things I want to explore.

As for my process, I usually start with a list of brainstormed topics, which eventually turn into drafts. A really great practice I began was keeping an editorial calendar, which keeps me on track and organized.

Maple Alps intentional blog

I love how you talk and write about intentional living. What is your belief about this way of life, and how do you translate this to content for your blog?

Living intentionally may mean different things to different people, but as a Christian, I believe that I am called to glorify God in all that I do, and that my life truly has purpose. I wish this belief to permeate everything I do. So often, our lives get so busy and it seems like we have no time for anything of value. Sometimes, we allow this to happen for so long, that we don’t even recognize things of value. By consciously deciding how we go through our lives, we decrease the possibility of looking back in regret.
Here are a few intentions I focus on in my own life:
  • Intentionally spending my money to ensure I am a good steward of it
  • Intentionally choosing food that is healthy and in turn betters my life
  • Intentionally choosing to invest in people to build meaningful relationships and help others
  • Intentionally spending time constructively, as to not waste the precious days I’ve been given

Of course this is not a formula to having the perfect life – there are other factors involved – but, I think it’s a good mindset to have. It has helped me have a quality of life that is fulfilling.


When I write, I write with intention. I share practical things, such as decluttering help and meal planning, that have helped me as I’ve strived to live an intentional life. I do this in hopes that others may try for themselves and find this certain satisfaction.

What are some useful tools, communities and resources you’ve used, as a blogger?

I never knew there was so much out there for bloggers, until I became more serious about it! The first resource I usually go to when I need assistance is Pinterest. It’s really my go-to for life. There are so many great people out there with great advice and who know so much! Who knew?

Community is also a fantastic thing I never knew about. There are some really helpful groups on Facebook, such as Blogging Boost, that are just loaded with knowledge and help from people with experience. The best thing about these groups is that not only can you find others to help you, you can help others!

As for tools, I love using Trello as an idea board, but Google Drive and my planner are my right hand for everything else.

What are your plans for Maple Alps, and where do you see the blog going in the coming years?

I would love it if Maple Alps could develop an awesome community and continue to grow and expand! I’m excited to see how that happens in the future.