life changing magic of tidying

Hello, everyone! This blog post is coming at you several days late. I couldn’t manage to finish it, with all the juggling I’m doing on a daily basis! But first of all, I want to give some updates about where I am right now:

1. Family. It’s no joke to mother two children of different ages and needs. My eldest is a tall, lanky six year-old who is a budding comic strip illustrator (at least to himself), a maker of toy inventions and imaginings, who is starting to get interested in big boy hobbies like basketball. (Gulp!) Meanwhile, my 14 month-old daughter gets everywhere, getting curiouser and curiouser each day, which is both a delight and a tiring thing for me! My husband is working hard on getting his specialty coffee business off the ground, and is usually busy at popups, coffee tastings, and networking after 8 years of being homebased, like me.

2. Work. I’ve been producing workshops left and right since the start of the year, and also doing website coaching and social media consulting for a number of clients. This is where I find myself most engaged, apart from raising the kids and taking care of my marriage, of course. I’ve been gradually fixing things and systems on the backend of Make it Blissful as a brand, and have been interviewing candidates for possible permanent positions in lieu of some inevitable changes.

3. Blog life. I’ve been invited to so many more events and engagements, but honestly I’ve had to turn down maybe 90% of them all because I’m producing my own events for my own partners, collaborators and clients. The “life of a blogger” aspect has become less of a key role, to be honest. And yet somehow, I don’t feel like anything is lacking for me, even if I am not as involved, as participative in the local blogging scene. I have, however, been contributing to magazines like Belong Magazine and The Perpetual You, two US-based publications (in digital and print formats), who have engaged my love for writing about the blogging craft and the intentional life.

Where are you at?

So now that I’ve explained a bit about me, how are you doing? (You can tell me in the comments!)

Me, I’ve been managing and watching the online communities that I care for on daily basis, aside from work and family. For some weeks now, I’ve noticed a kind of shift in energy, a collective feeling of breathlessness and discontent, especially on social media and the blogging scene, whether it’s among my countrymen and the impending national elections, or it’s in the creative business communities I participate in.

These last few weeks online have sometimes left me feeling like I am not producing enough, not launching things sooner, not contributing to enough conversations, not sharing my opinion more eloquently, not using the optimum tools and systems, blah, blah, blah.

This feeling of “blah” is even in my own blogging collective on Facebook, where I see less and less engagement and contributions from the bloggers, less of a response from those who have been working hard after a workshop or a training program. (Note: Well, since a majority of these women are from my country, I also assume that tax season and the demands of life during this election season are contributing factors.)


There really is only one simple thing to do when there is an overload of questions, hindered progress, busy-ness. And that is to—:

Stop, look, and listen to the changes…

… in the social & blogging scene, for context in this blog post.

Remember the #Instapanic a few weeks ago, when everyone freaked over Instagram’s changes? Things are again (as always) rapidly changing in the scene. It’s a fact. As I see it, it’s a good thing. Not blogging with fire anymore? Change things up, get critiqued, or take a break or do all! Not getting the social media engagement you hoped for because of algorithm changes and market switches? Change things up, too, adapt, test, assess, and try things out again & again.

How things work and how people consume media may change, but our goals, our dreams: These are still the same, and maybe growing, too.

If have been feeling overwhelmed by —

  • the pressure to blog regularly
  • the shifts in social media practices and the need to keep up
  • the new platforms and apps that everyone seems to be using but you need time to learn
  • the need for your blog or your business to “scale up”, which you feel lost about
  • a surge of work and projects that need your equal attention, but you can’t seem to give it to them —

(And, yes, all that I listed down above is all on MY plate!)

My advice is simple:

Go back to doing what matters most.

By that, I mean what matters most to YOU.

Me? What matters most during this season of Make it Blissful is to streamline systems and get this brand running like a well-oiled machine. It’s grown much in the last two years, ever since I stopped being an active mommy blog. For me, what matters most is that I still have time to spend with my young children; that my work will never compete for the work I am doing in them as their mother. We’re enjoying this season of their lives when the world is still a great big wonder. We want to hone in on this time, make the most out of trips and travels (locally only), of homeschooling/unschooling. And so it matters to me that the livelihood we choose as husband and wife supports this.

What about you, dear reader and friend?

People ask me all the time, “How can I grow my blog?” or “How can I start making my blog into a job, like you?” or “How can I work from home, so that I can be with my family?”

I can’t ever offer the best advice because we’re all changing, all different in our needs and wants and lifestyles. However, if we all go back to what matters most to each of us, then we will realize that the most important thing of all — in life, work, in blogging and growing a passion or a business — are the relationships we build and grow. Even though lifestyles may change; even though algorithms and platforms may adapt (so that we might, too), the most secure and constantly reassuring thing that matters the most is connecting with your community, you “tribe” or whatever. It can be as simple as a Facebook chat, or perhaps a phone call, a get-together over tea or coffee so that you can share about life, business, work and blogging.