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My guest for today’s Blog Love is a lady who is all about being a fully-equipped and purposeful lady-preneur. Meet Stephanie Williams, a biz coach for women who want to scale their business ideas and grow their empires. I love her mission over on her blog, Boss Lady Dreams! And she is, like me a blog coach and social media consultant. Learn more about her advocacy for female biz owners, and her heart for living (and working) with intention. 

1. Tell me a bit about yourself, as a woman.

I’m probably one of the most resilient women you’ll ever meet. I’ve been through a lot, struggled a lot, but I know how to persevere. When others might look at some of my experiences as failures or obstacles, I look at them as opportunities for improvement. I’m creatively driven, and I’m just like you: looking to reach self actualization for a kick ass life. I don’t want to be on my deathbed chanting my regrets… I want to leave this world knowing that I lived an awesome life and gave my kids the same thing.

2. What made you want to begin Boss Lady Dreams?

I started BLD because I was in the midst of running a handmade skincare business, and I was making mistakes left and right… it was unbelievable and I would often be ashamed of making a mistake. At first, I looked at it as if I were failing in my business. Then, I learned that it’s not about actually making mistakes, it’s about what you learn from them and how you bounce back. My blog is dedicated to teaching new female entrepreneurs how to think strategically. I want to give them actionable information that is created specifically for NEW entrepreneurs. When I was brand new, I often found myself running into content that wasn’t tailored for newbies like me, so I want to put my relevant perspective out into the Internet.

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3. We often hear the buzz words “boss lady” and “girl boss” and similar terms of empowerment for women. What makes your blog or message distinct from these?

My version of a bosslady is different, because I’m different. I’m not a millionaire, I don’t even have a product for sale on my site! I named my blog Bosslady Dreams because being a fearless female is what I aim to be. Unlike others, I’m still on my journey to being a bosslady, I’m not there yet. But I want to document my journey so that others know it’s possible. We often see the end of the journey… when people have finally made it big, then they share their success, but not their struggles. I often share some really personal stories with my email list… they know some of the harder times I’ve been through, and they’ll remember them when I have made it big.


4. What are some challenges you’ve faced as a blogger in your niche?

Oh my gosh, so many! First, the niche is super saturated. This makes me really nervous to sell digital products because I know EVERYONE is selling digital products. Networking is a bit hard for me, too, but I know it’s important so I’ve got to get over it and make it happen.

5. Take us through a typical day (or week) as a blogger?

No day is really typical, but I try to focus the beginning of the week on scheduling tweets, pins, and my newsletters. I really want to have an active presence on Pinterest because it’s my number one source of traffic. I spend about two hours a week on Stumbleupon because that’s given me pretty decent traffic, too. The rest of the week, if I’m not creating content for the blog, I’m reading other marketing blogs or books, or revisiting my strategies to see what is working and what isn’t. I recently started taking my own photos for my blog so that takes up a ton of time!

04Williams_SWP_0346. What are some of your favorite things to do, outside of the blog?

Eat ice cream, swoon over pretty Instagram pages, thumb through a good book, and DIY projects. I’m obsessed with adding glitter to anything I can! I’m actually going to be starting a mason jar garden with my kids soon, too!

7. Where do you see your blog, down the road, and what are your hopes for it?

Honestly, I also see myself becoming a leader in the niche. It’s important for me to try my best to help women who were just like me when I started, because new female entrepreneurs need the help. I love when people email me and say, “Your workbook really helped!” or “This tip you gave was genius… why didn’t I think of that?” I just want to help women see that they can achieve any goals they want! I’m hoping that down the road, my blog will be able to provide me with the income I need to live a good life… I have a small family, two boys and a loving boyfriend, and we deserve to live better lives than we had growing up. Plus, I really want to pay off my student loans!

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