All photos by Lightkeeper Studios

I just had the most fun doing my first collab with my husband! Well, our most fun collabs have been our kids (haha!), but what I’m talking about is the recent Blooms & Brews Workshop we had this April 30th at the Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe. It was a partnership between me and his coffee company, Shophouse Coffee Co.. I would do a simple Floral Workshop while he would do a demo and coffee tutorial on specialty coffee.

Why coffee and flowers? Well, this workshop was part of our “Art of Homemaking” series, specifically the “Art of Floral Arranging” component. However, I thought to give it a twist by injecting a coffee angle to it, because wouldn’t it be nice to hand-brew coffee or tea for our guests while we entertain at home? I know I enjoy lovely flowers and a good serving of coffee any day!

My hubby began the afternoon with a demo using three coffee drippers: The Clever Dripper, the Kalita, and finally the Chemex. We used Shophouse Coffee Co. coffee single-origin coffee beans from Panama and Brazil.



Ton explaining the different methods, such as the Chemex, for brewing specialty coffee at home.





Make it Blissful also partnered with Extraction Coffee (purveyors of fine home brew coffee products), whose products we featured in our coffee demo. Everyone fell in love with the beauty of the Chemex coffee maker! (Trivia: For those of you who are Friends freaks like me, you’ll know that Monica always served their coffee in the Chemex, hehe.)


The Kalita dripper, ceramic version.


The Chemex glass coffee makers



Ton serving the Chemex brewed single-origin Panama roast, flash brewed over ice. Iced coffee was perfect for our summer afternoon!


Extraction Coffee also put their coffee makers on display for us to see and enjoy discounted prices during the workshop! Thank you, Keren, for popping up at our workshop! (Guys, she’s carrying the limited editio Chemex with the wood holder! Grab it while it’s available!)


The floral arranging component was actually my first attempt at demo-ing florals! I’ve been taking up an online course in basic floral arranging, and I’ve been learning a lot. I wasn’t about to give lessons, but I wanted to share what I knew about making arrangements for small home gatherings. I had with me my “floral mentor”, Edna Abellon, a family friend who has been in the floral business for 20+ years, and she did my wedding flowers and those of my brothers’ weddings. It’s all in the family!


Edna and I, talking about the floral choices.

For our gathering, we chose long-lasting flowers and greens. Seeing as the weather’s been SO hot lately, we wanted our participants to make arrangements that could withstand the heat. We chose a variety of florals that could last for at least one to two weeks: imported carnations, gerber daisies, and imported mums; China berries; misty blue, asters, local eucalyptus, iris stalks, and other green fillers which are found in most home gardens.

I was going to make a Provencal-type arrangement, one that favored a less “hot house” look (not so polished) and a more “field-inspired” theme that used lots of fillers and greens. It’s a personal preference!






After my little demo, everyone partook of the floral bar. Tip: If you want to save on costs, go for a natural, field-inspired arrangement like those we created. This means more greens and ferns, and a certain number of statement flowers. Less “wedding bouquet” and more garden-like, free-form and natural. It takes practice to get the balance right, but once you get it, it’s quite satisfying! Take a look at the arrangements that some of us created:









Thanks to all who came! We all had loads of fun sharing stories over coffee, yummy food by Mateo’s and our pretty arrangements. We also enjoyed such sweet take-aways from our partners Juice Hut (almond milks), Neutra Organics (organic aromatherapy & body care), and The Little Whisk (coffee-themed cookies)





Have a look at our Facebook album, “Blooms & Brews” for more photos of the event. Thank you to Lightkeeper Studios for sponsoring the photography for this gathering!

Our next workshop after this is “The Gathering Table: Tables styling for home gatherings.” That’s on May 28! Would you like to join us? Read about it here: “The Gathering Table Workshop” and sign up if you want to join us!