I’m taking a semi-sabbatical from the blog to focus on a rebrand and on the remaining projects I have under “Make it Blissful.” Oh, don’t worry, I’m just here. In fact, we have lots of events that we are processing and working towards: blogging workshops, writing workshops, and a few more homemaking workshops, too.

I’ll be around, but as things get more busy on the family side, you’ll start to see me integrate some more posts on lifelong learning, “hack schooling” and unschooling, our journey as entrepreneurs (especially with our art space and our coffee business). There’s just too much going on right now, and personally, I need to achieve some space and ample time. I need to go on a personal retreat, really, and get into the heart of where Make it Blissful is going… because believe me, it’s going to places it’s never ventured into before.

Onwards from the pivot…

You might recall the blog post I wrote a couple of months ago entitled “Pivot.” I am still in that place where things in my life and business are being re-aligned. As things have been snowballing, it seems like I’ve just been going at projects and gatherings with lots of energy and zing. The truth is… while I do LOVE creating gatherings and collaborations on the ground, a part of me still craves that location-independent and freedom lifestyle that will allow our family to move forward with how we want to raise the kids and grow our businesses.


It’s obvious that, for me, the lifestyle blogging/brand ambassadorship/endorser era of the blog is over. It is not a sustainable lifestyle for me, nor is it one that will allow us as a family to really pursue the adventures we desire to experience.

And so, I’ve been looking for the right mentors to help steer my little ship to the right course, and I am happy to say, I believe I’ve found the right shipmates for this part of the journey. More on that when I’m out of the storm.

Admitting imperfections

One of the greatest breakthroughs I’ve had thus far is a collaboration with Fire & Wind Co.’s Ashley Beaudin and her #TheImperfectBoss campaign. Last week, I was in the company of 400+ entrepreneurs from around the world who rallied towards social media for a groundbreaking. It was the birth of a new community within the global community of women entrepreneurs. Last May 16 to 18, we were all encouraged to show the unedited and uncensored realness of being an online entrepreneur, and man did the skies fall (and the tears, for sure!).

These were my confessions.


After publishing these confessions on my social media feeds, I was welcomed with a flood of encouragement. I got text messages, Viber messages, emails and Facebook messages from the most unexpected people and friends, all of whom related with what I had posted. Some of these confessions were firsts for me, and known by only a handful of friends. You all know that I love posting what I feel is a happy thought, a blissful moment and a pretty thing, but juxtaposing these images with such raw confessions was liberating. Yes, the people who post pretty things on their Instagrams have shitty things going on in their lives, too — and I’m one of them! I won’t be substituting the well-lit, thoughtful posts on my Instagram feed for ugly shots, though. That’s not authentically “me.” But this new movement of struggling entrepreneurs was an honest jab at a social media-driven culture that is obsessed with image and reputation.

Being real and vulnerable isn’t about how daring you are in slapping your crap moments on to your feed. It’s about keeping true to your excellence as an entrepreneur or blogger or creative, but always ALWAYS looking to touch the hearts of those who follow you.

Thank you, Ashley, for making me a part of this. (And thanks for loving the Philippines, teehee! Hope to see you again the next time you’re here.)

This sabbatical from blogging is part of being an “imperfect boss.” I’ve never been more busy providing blog coaching, and here I am, not blogging. But I am seeing it as a good thing, because after this season is over, I will be back to blogging, but with a renewed purpose. It’ll be a business blog, not a lifestyle blog, for one thing! So while I’m rehashing my site and its offerings, I’m still teaching several women how to blog better, to blog towards their passions and to create jobs they love. It’s what I’m good at, it’s what I can keep on doing.

And after this rebrand, you’re going to see some serious mindset shifts, blogging revamps, and all-new “blissmaking” here. You can linger on to see the old articles and the past events… I enjoyed them all! But I’m even more excited for what’s to come, because it’s not going to be about me, me, me. (Blogging can do that, make one narcissistic! Mea culpa.)

See you on the other side.

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