The Blissful Box isn’t a brand new concept, really. All gatherings have some sort of hostess gifts or souvenirs for guests to take home with them, right? But I think what makes the Blissful Box just a little bit different is that each item inside is a product of thought and concern for the recipient. Will they like receiving this — really? Will they be able to really use this in their lives? Will it make them feel special when they receive it? Will they smile when they open the box and see what’s inside? These are just some of the questions we ask anytime we hold an event and prepare a Blissful Box for those attending.


For the Parenting Emporium’s Blissmakerie, each product was thoughtfully picked by the two co-founders, Beng Feliciano and Maricel Cua. Each of the brands in the box are also partner brands of the Parenting Emporium, which is a leader in the local active parenting scene as a hub for thoughtful, intentional products for mothers, babies and children. We’d like to tell you a bit about each of the brands who generously sponsored the Blissful Box, and more importantly blessed the moms who came to the gathering.


DoTerra Therapy (Essential Oils)

DoTerra is known for its certified pure therapeutic grade oils. As a brand, DoTerra believes in individuals pursuing all-natural and holistic approaches to healthy and wellness, to improve the overall quality of life, and even make wellness enjoyable, not a bore or burden.

As a treat for the moms, DoTerra sponsored massage oils in Ylang Ylang and Wild Orange. They were chosen for the Blissful Box because these variants are said to trigger feelings of happiness, positivity, and pure bliss. This specific sampler included fractionated coconut oil into the mix, so that moms can keep the vials in their purses and give themselves a soothing temple or neck massage whenever they feel stressed throughout the day.

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SoYoung (Sweat-Proof Ice Packs)

SoYoung is a lifestyle brand from Canada that celebrates the beauty in everyday family life. In the Philippines, it is distributed by Honest Ventures Corporation (the same company behind exclusive brands RuMe Bags and Real Kids Shades). SoYoung is known and loved by international celebrities for its eco-friendliness, multi-functionality and clean, minimalist design. Locally, SoYoung’s core products are its insulated lunch boxes, cooler-bags and backpacks for the modern family. (Check out the whole line in The Parenting Emporium).

For the Blissful Box, SoYoung provided sweat-proof ice packs, which safely keeps food and bottles cool for up to 4 hours. (Great for breastfeeding moms who need to express milk on-the-go, you can use the ice pack in your cooler bags!). I personally love this because they don’t encourage condensation, which are a nuisance. The icepack is BPA, Phthalate and Lead-free, and it can be placed in the freezer without removing the casing. 

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The Green Company (Honest Wipes)

A family-owned business, The Green Company has been passionate about love, health, and life since 2009. They have been bringing in organic and natural products to discerning Filipino parents, trying to keep prices to a minimum while doing so, so that healthy living can be possible for more families. As a family business, each product they carry has been carefully selected and personally tested. Their credo “Live healthy. Be Green. Go Organic”, is a mantra for parents to invest in their family’s wellness for lifelong benefits.

And that’s why for the Blissful Box, they sponsored a big pack of Honest Wipes (the company famously pioneered by green mom, Jessica Alba). The wipes are plant-based, chlorine-free and have no harmful chemicals that can harm both adults and babies.

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Nature to Nurture (Multi-Purpose Cleaner)

“I swear by this,” is what Beng told me about this next product, so I was intrigued as to why. As a brand, Nature to Nurture believes in minimizing the harmful chemicals that we are being exposed to in our homes because it must be a safe place for our children to live and grow. Therefore they create meaningful products for everyday cleaning needs. Parents can use their products without worrying about harmful chemicals, so that they can focus on nurturing their families instead. (I love it!)

Now their star product, the Nature to Nurture Multi Purpose Cleaner, is just as effective as popular cleaners but completely safe. So safe, that if you use it to clean your floors, you won’t have to worry about your kid picking up germs or harmful chemical residues if they happen to pick up and eat some food they drop on the floor (like my baby!). This is thanks to the Tea Tree essential oil used as the cleaner’s antibacterial agent. It kills 99.99% of E.Coli and Salmonella, and 99.92% of Staph bacteria (as tested by SGS Phils, Inc.). It can be used to sanitize any surface (including wood) or even used as a room spray to get rid of odours. You can’t beat that.

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Indigo Baby (Assorted body care)

When I first read up about Monica Manzano and Denise Bernardo back when I was pregnant with my first children, I thought they were absolute rockstar moms. Their journey as a brand reflected their journey as mothers, making them true “karmic sisters”, as they like to say. As soon as I found out about their brand Indigo Baby, I stocked up on their Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me mosquito repellent, their Jar of Hope soothing gel, their Sleep Like a Baby oil, and got myself an Indigo Baby sling to complete my “yummy mummy” arsenal for my then-baby Vito.

Celebrating its 9th year as a pioneering mom brand in the realm of mindful motherhood and attachment, Indigo Baby continues to create “life saving products to enrich you and your baby’s life.” And they certainly have: Just look at their very active social media feeds to see the thousands of mommies whose lives have been touched by their products.

For the Blissful Box, Indigo Baby gave an assortment of best-sellers, including Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me Insect Repellent, Dance of Life Massage Oil, Sleep Like a Baby Massage Oil, Sleepyhead Room & Linen Spray, Divine Intervention Room & Linen Spray and Jar of Love Healing Balm. “I chose these all natural bestsellers for the yummy mummies to get to try them and enjoy them by adding some all natural goodness to their lives,” said Denise.

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Seve’s Mom (Assorted breastfeeding aids)

Seve’s Mom is a solo-mom business by Kia Ferreras. Though she is a full-time working mom, Kia is an advocate of active parenting, breastfeeding advocate, homeschooling, and sustainability. She professes she has “a love for all things cloth,” which is what gave birth to the concept of her Seve’s Mom line: Nursing Infinity Scarves, Cloth Liners and Pads, Cloth Wipes, Cloth Nursing Pads and Cloth Bags. For the Blissful Box, Kia gave each mom either an infinity scarf or cloth wipes.

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Mustela Baby (Skin Freshener Spray)

This brand needs no introduction since it’s a well-known global brand, but I have to say the Mustela Philippines makes you feel cared-for because of their personalized approach and service. I’ve been using the Mustela barrier creme ever since Vito was born, and stocked up on it for Krista (who still uses it). We use their Dermo Cleanser as our kids’ bath soap and shampoo, too. Their sensitive skin line has also been useful for me in managing my atopic dermatitis of the hands.

For the Blissful Box, each mom received a premium size bottle of the Mustela Skin Freshener Spray. It is a life-saver for me as a busy mom. I keep it in the kids’ day bag. So when we’re out, I use it on both of them whenever they get sweaty and need a clothes change. It’s like an all-in-one instant shower, so I spray it all over them, especially their hair, and they come out smelling so fresh.

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Photograph by Kaizer Photography

Thank you to all the Blissful Box contributors for your generous support of the moms who received these goodies. Surely your brands are not only going to be used in their homes and families, but they are also an important part of these families’ journey to a more whole, healthy and happy quality of life. Be blessed!