The Blissmakerie has always been about bringing together women from the creative and entrepreneurial commmunities, all in the spirit of collaboration. Last June 5th, we had a chance to meet up again with one another. For the first time, it was a mom-oriented Blissmakerie, made possible by a partnership with The Parenting Emporium. I have so much love for this organization and parenting hub, because it is so inclusive, so supportive of moms from all walks of life, all styles of parenting. So when Beng Feliciano and Maricel Cua — best friends the dynamic duo behind TPE — proposed that we do a Blissmakerie with their partner brands, I said “yes” immediately.


Together with event partners The School of Styling and Bizu Patisserie, the Blissmakerie originally was planned as a pre-Mother’s day gathering, to be held on the last weekend of April. However, my baby contracted some form of German Measles a day before the event, and so I didn’t push through with it. We waited for a free date when all of us would again be available, and it was set for June 5th, thereby becoming a “post-Mother’s Day” event, hehe!

The venue was gorgeously styled by The School of Styling’s Indy Ycasiano. This woman is a magician. I learned about Indy through Amanda of I’d seen her parties in other blogs and websites, so when I finally got to meet her sometime last year, it was like a fan girl moment for me. And to have her working on the Blissmakerie was amaaaaaazing, a privilege!

The photography for the event was by Kaizer Photography, who is actually the hubby of my friend and collaborator for my kids’ Fluffy Pwets’ line, Tina de Guzman. (Thank you, Reindl, for these gorgeous photos!!!)




As you can see, everyone went into full Instagram mode before the gathering began. I mean, how could you not with a setup as pretty as this? I was saying that if I were to do my wedding again, I’d get Indy to style it. Haha! Maybe on my 10th anniversary?


Yes, folks, that is how to get the perfect flatlay: Height! Haha!


We had a gorgeous spread by Bizu. I remember being blown away by the coddled eggs, the soft-shell crab, the gnocchi and shrimps, the roast beef, the DIY pavlovas for dessert…. gaaaaaaah. And did I mention each table had a wooden slab of terrines and cheeses that were almost too pretty to eat? (I’ll be doing a separate post just about the food. That’s how much it deserves, a feature of it’s own! Haha!)


As for the gathering, well, it was more casual than our usual Blissmakerie. Yes, the participating brands were able to have some time up at the front to talk about their businesses and advocacies, but what was more fun and meaningful were the conversations that happened at table. And this is really what we love most about this gathering: It’s about connecting with real people on the same journey. In this case, we had lots of mompreneurs and a handful of moms hoping or dreaming of starting their own businesses. There was no agenda for the conversations except to just find out more about each other and start new conversations, on the idea of collaboration, support and encouragement.

We also had time for a game: Instagram Yourself! Everyone was encouraged to submit a photo about the event, and they used the event styling and goodies as their “props”. The winning entries would get some lovely prizes from one of our sponsors.








Want to see some of the entries? Hop on over here to our #Blissmakerie hashtag: #Blissmakerie

Our sponsors for the prizes were Tramontina, The Carpenter, L’Indochine and art.iculate.



These happy ladies above won for our Instagram posts! They went home with bags from L’Indochine.

Everyone else got to win raffle prizes!


Of course, the event would not have been complete without the inclusion of the Blissful Box. This is a box of handpicked premium items, exclusively for participants of the Blissmakerie. The brands who participate in this box understand that the box is going to be given to a very specific market segment that is aligned with their brand and offerings. Beng and Maricel curated the items to be given, and these were tried and tested in their own households and among Parenting Emporium patrons. I’ll also be doing a separate feature on the brands inside the Blissful Box, because they really do deserve a post of their own! Meanwhile here is a glimpse into the box.









We’d like to honor all the moms who came and spent their Sunday afternoon with us! My friend Maggie (shown above) said that it was her “me time” to be with us that afternoon, and for many moms the Blissmakerie really is! It’s not always that we get together to talk about being creative and doing something meaningful and fun as a business. Often times, we get so caught up working in our businesses that we forget to disconnect and just be with others on the same journey. That’s what we hoped this afternoon was for you ladies who attended. Thank you! You are so loved!


Thanks most especially to Beng and Maricel of The Parenting Emporium. Your tireless work to bring meaningful and inspiring events to mothers and parents is something I hope to model my own events after. I am a mom, too, despite the work I do, and thank you for always reminding me that I can do the work I choose while still trying to be the best mom I can be. Don’t know what I’d do without your constant support, ladies! Thanks for your trust in the Blissmakerie.

Thank you to Indy & Em of the School of Styling (more on them in another feature, too!), and for bringing the gathering to life with your gift of style and wonder. Thank you to Audrey of Biz Catering, for providing such a feast for our moms! Thanks also to our Blissful Box sponsors SoYoung, doTerra, Nature 2 Nurture, The Green Company, Indigo Baby, Mustela and Seve’s Mom. 

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