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I’m sure if you’ve followed me and my friends Frances and Ginger on our blogs and social media, you’ll have learned about our new project (it’s a company, actually) called “Beauty Biz Bliss.” You’ll be reading some other articles about our launch, such as the blog on Beauty Biz Bliss, but here’s my take on our new company, why I think it’s the perfect time to start it and what our hopes and dreams are for this new community.

To start off, here’s a definition of what we mean by our name, taken from our About page on our new website:

Beauty, Biz, Bliss. Together they make up the best of you, the truth of who you are as a woman. Never be afraid to embrace all three for yourself. You deserve to enjoy your life!

We envision a community of working women who will uplift, encourage and collaborate with each other.  Through this website, we will provide tools, like photos, articles, discounts to certain service and product providers. As a community, Beauty Biz Bliss is a network of working women: entrepreneurs, freelancers, managers, office girls, students or moms who have sidelines or businesses. We will connect with each other through an online database so we can work with each other.

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In BBB, we want to stress on the value of community. Beauty Biz Bliss at its core is a community of like-minded women who believe that collaboration is the new economy. From startups to apps, from organizations to online hubs, people the world over understand that collaboration can create new opportunities for growth.

We also want to deliberately be out-of-the-box. One of the reasons why I love working with Ginger and Frances is that we are all OK being a bit rebellious — haha! We’re unapologetic about our personal convictions and the way we’ve designed our lives, respectively. We’re all working women, full-time moms, wives to amazing spouses, and as “happy rebels”, we have this innate need to challenge the template of traditional success, whether in the blogging world or the biz world. If you look at our individual blogs and social media channels, you’ll see we’ve designed our lives around the things we love and believe in.

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And this is what we want to do with other women in the Beauty Biz Bliss community. Through our online membership site, we’ll be offering premium resources to help women design their lives, from the way they carry themselves (inner and outer beauty), their work ethic (business & career), to changing their mindset from template-living to intentional living (living their bliss).

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Our launch brought together around 30 women from various niches in beauty, business and bliss: Bloggers, career women, techiepreneurs, startup founders, coaches, creative entrepreneurs, crafters & makers, working mothers. It was such a diverse group, even our guests wondered, “Why are well all here?” And that reaction is what we really want our community to be known for.

We want to bring women together to make new possibilities happen.

The women we invited have one way or the other built their own successful communities in their niches (those mentioned above). So what if we could fuse one or two communities or businesses together and create something new? What if collaborations could give birth to new businesses and organizations we never thought possible?

And —and this is at the heart of what Frances, Ginger and I want to do— what if we could begin impacting the lives of women who were less fortunate, abused or displaced? What if by helping women connect with one another, we could create new social enterprises that improve the lives of other women?

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What Each Component Means for Beauty Biz Bliss

Beauty:While the co-founders are not beauty experts, we believe we are successful women, and we know that inner beauty expresses itself outwardly. So for us, the “beauty” component of BBB includes building confidence in the women we work with. We’re going to go deeper than just doing makeup workshops and styling. We intend to offer activations on the whole package ofself-esteem, true identity and confidence.

Biz: The co-founders of BBB believe that work has be meaningful so that we can give our best effort to it, whether we run our own businesses or are super employees. We advocate the art of working excellently, as careerwomen or businesswomen. Our offerings in this category will be around business and career development.

Bliss: We define “following one’s bliss” as “thinking about the big picture of life and creating a lifestyle that you love.” “Bliss” means opening the doors that were once shut to you, and saying “YES” to the things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the confidence to do: travel, projects, a business, an advocacy — whatever it is. Expect life coach offerings, practical life-business retreats, that sort of thing.

So that, in a nutshell, is what we shared during the launch. We also had activities, which you can read more about on the Beauty Biz Bliss blog. And I hope you can also read some of these blog posts by our guests (thanks, ladies!)

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Thank you to our lovely sponsors who made our launch event so awesome!

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Be part of our BBB community! Here’s the sign up page:

By the way: This is us in Beauty Biz Bliss!