For any Blissmakerie to be really successful, there has to be great food. We’ve had some very gracious restaurants and caterers contribute to this gathering, and all have been supportive of the event.

During the recent one, “A Mom’s Blissmakerie at the Parenting Emporium,” our food & catering partner was a true dream-come-true to work with: Bizu Catering Studio. Their cafe, Bizu in Greenhills Promenade, has a special place in my heart because it’s where my closest girl friends threw me my bridal shower in 2008. (Wow, that’s a good 8 years ago!) It was the first time for me to taste their macarons (they were notably one of the pioneers of that foodie trend), and I remember going to the cafe often just to get a box for myself when I could afford it. Fast forward to today, and my family and I sometimes find ourselves hopping over to the Le Petit Bizu near our house when we’re craving breads (love their ciabatta) and, of course, more macarons. (My son must have the green pistachio flavor, as it’s his favorite color.)

From the Bizu Catering Studio on Facebook

From the Bizu Catering Studio on Facebook

Anyway, back to this post! As you can see, Bizu’s been a part of our family life since even before I had a family. It’s poetic that my first-ever experience in a Bizu was a celebration with other women (my bridesmaids and besties), and that this Blissmakerie was also among women, but a bigger group of new friends specifically in the mompreneur world here in Manila.

The Bizu Catering Studio, our catering partner, is a separate entity from the cafes we’ve all been familiar with. The objective? To bring Bizu experience into personal, intimate gatherings and also corporate events. Since launching the company, Bizu has catered everything from birthdays to baby showers, corporate to celebrity events. They are a “studio” to differentiate themselves from just an ordinary catering company. The “studio” does imply that Bizu designs each of their catering experiences differently: They consider the profiles of their clients very carefully so that they create truly unique, artisans experiences.

(You can see their current events and photos on their official Facebook page.)


For the Blissmakerie, we got to savor the exquisite food that the Catering Studio has to offer. The studio prides itself in its thoughtful concepts, from their motif to their menu. Not surprisingly, since the entire team behind Bizu consists of highly-trained chefs, event artisans (floral designers, tablescape artists, stylists), and an incomparable wait staff which, for me, is a refreshing thing. My glass of strawberry-basil cooler was never left empty throughout the entire afternoon.

I personally appreciated the details in each menu item for our TPE Blissmakerie. Ms. Audrey Tanco Uy specified that each item on the menu was served in small portions, but very hearty still (as we all soon found out!)

The feasting experience began at-table, even before the buffet was open, with carefully crafted terrines and crackers, and welcome drinks of strawberry basil coolers. I couldn’t eat the soft-shell crab hors d’oeuvres (allergic, huhu), but I heard they were absolutely exquisite. I was addicted to the coddled eggs—my first time to ever try such a preparation—that I had two servings. (Shhh.) I went back for thirds of the gnocchi and shrimps, which were as buttery as I expected and just right to the taste. I didn’t get a chance to taste the roast beef, which I heard was out-of-this-world good.

bizu catering studio

From the Bizu Catering Studio on Facebook. Center photo from @martinedeluna on Instagram

So what kind of gathering can you expect when you work with Bizu Catering Studio?

  1. A classy event: I’m sure if you’ve been to any Bizu bistro or cafe, you’ll notice a unifying quality: Class and beauty. That’s why everyone at the Blissmakerie kept saying “Wow!” over and over again upon seeing the gorgeously appointed buffet spread and the thoughtful trays of cheeses and terrines that wove into the vignettes at each table. Every element of the experience is meant to elicit this “wow”, and Bizu does it marvelously. (For this event, of course, they worked hand in hand with The School Of Styling.)
  2. An intimate experience: The name “Bizu” was derived from one of my favorite French words “bisou” or “kiss.” Just like a kiss (which excites and inspires both the giver and the recipient), each Bizu catering experience excites the party guests and inspires them to have a wonderful time. Judging by those who were constantly Instagramming, I’d say Bizu did an awesome job at this.
  3. A proudly Filipino, world-class brand: Bizu is one of the first homegrown companies to introduce the “Parisian Patisserie” concept to the Philippine market. Thanks to their bistros and cafes, the Philippines was introduced to authentic French pastries and breads, and later on, hearty and wholesome continental dishes and meals. The Bizu Catering Studio brings this unique twist to its private catered events, too.


I hope you can consider Bizu Catering Studio for your next inspiring event. Thank you, Bizu, especially Ms. Audrey Tanco Uy of Bizu Patisserie & Bistro, for being our very generous, beautiful banquet director and who worked so hard to make everything seamless. You and your team are amazing. Thank you for blessing the moms who came to be refreshed and filled — We’re forever grateful!


With Ms. Audrey Tanco Uy of Bizu, who is a joyful and creative soul.

For bookings and inquiries, please visit Bizu Catering Studio’s online portals.

Bizu Catering Studio
Email: conciergeteam@bizugroupe.com
Telephone: (02) 845-05-90 to -93
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bizucateringstudio
Instagram: bizuph
Twitter: bizuph

Taken from the Bizu Catering Studio on Facebook

Taken from the Bizu Catering Studio on Facebook