Most of you know that Grace Baja ( was one of my blog coaching clients some years ago, for the first and second edition of her blogs. We’ve remained good friends through the years, too, and have always looked forward to our catch-ups and coffee dates in between our busy schedules. In fact over a month ago, we met after several months, and it happened to be on the same day that she held her press launch for her business, Grace Home, which is now a year old.

Can I just say how amazed I am by this woman? She has successfully nurtured and grown her personal brand through her blog, into a job that she absolutely loves. As you know, I am all for utilizing the blogging method as a way to launch a life you love, and Grace is consistently able to do this as a blogger, and now as an entrepreneur. I believe it’s because she is true to who she is, unapologetic about who she is, and dedicated to her craft. 

Speaking of blogging and what it means down the road, Grace invited a few of her blogger friends for an intimate launch soirée of her new products — throw pillows! — aptly named “Pillow Talk.” We talked about blogging, it’s evolution and what we thought of its future. Such fun! True to form, the event was everything a spoiled mummy should be: classy, elegant, well-appointed from the food to the ambiance — like being in Grace’s gracious home, actually. 

I’ll let Grace tell you more about the gathering in her words over on her blog, The Spoiled Mummy. All I really want to say is that I am super proud of Grace and what she has done through her blog and her business. I think that she would make an excellent guest speaker at my next blog workshop, right? I mean, we can all learn so much from how she has used her blog meaningfully as a launch pad to her passions. It can be done, people! With lots of hard work and dedication, of course… and if you know Grace, she has both in volumes!! She is one of the hardest working blog personalities I know, and she is well-reputed for it.

Don’t let me keep you, watch the video of our “Pillow Talk” on Grace’s blog, and then make sure to hop on over to Grace Home for some of those gorgeous pillows!! 

For more information on Grace Home, visit The Spoiled Mummy blog, follow Grace on @thespoiledmummy and @gracehomemanila on Instagram.