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Each Blissmakerie is decorated by a partner event stylist. For the Parenting Emporium edition, Maricel and Beng were able to get the participation of styling fairy godmother Indy Ycasiano of The School of Styling and She Dreams in Ink, to style the gathering. It was so exciting to think of what Indy might create, seeing as she is one of the most sought-after stylists in Manila. Her parties and projects have been featured in websites, loads of magazines, and her clients are among some of today’s classiest mompreneurs, too.

Perhaps you’ve never met her because she’s often quietly observing from the sidelines, especially during her styled events. Here’s snap of her in action at the TPE Blissmakerie.


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The theme that Indy worked on for this particular gathering was a sweet mix of feminine rustic chic. Each of the three large tables was set in a banquet style, with lots of room in the center of the tables for a carefully laid-out arrangement of tealights and candles, mismatched glass vases with field-inspired flowers (my favorite kind of arrangement), and charming wooden log risers, atop which were succulents or small bouquets of flowers and ferns, and cotton flower boughs (which I’d never seen before until this day!). It was befitting an afternoon party for girls, which everyone absolutely loved. In fact, the first part of the Blissmakerie consisted of everyone snapping vignettes and tabletops, because everything came together and transported us to some sort of bower of style.

I finally understand why Indy’s creations are indeed, dreamy. Her signature style has the ability to transport guests into a whole new experience. Talking to some of the moms that afternoon, I heard sighs of delight and witnessed genuine smiles, because the place was so beautifully prepared, specially for them.




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Images from #TheBlissmakerie hashtag on Instagram

Images from #TheBlissmakerie hashtag on Instagram

Thank you, Indy, for touching the Blissmakerie with your vision and generosity. You made everyone’s afternoon! It was a memorable day because of the beautiful setting you created, which inspired everyone to have a beautiful day, make new friends, and basically kick back and just “be with the girls.” It’s an honor for the Blissmakerie to have been a recipient of your life-work. May the blessings return to you a hundred-fold!

The School of Styling Workshops

Every month in Glorietta 5, Indy’s styling company, together with Gamechanger’s Em Sulit, hold sold-out classes on anything and everything to do with styling. Dubbed “The School of Styling”, the classes are interactive and hands-on workshops where Indy teaches participants different aspects of styling: tablescapes, home parties, bouquet-making, tassel garlands, bridal showers, floral boxes, and so on. Down the road, she will also branch into floral wreaths, calligraphy, Christmas & holiday decorations, kids birthday parties, vignettes, and more!

Thanks to the expertise of Em’s company Gamechanger, the workshops are not just learning events, but potential skill-training for those looking to start businesses within the niches of these workshops. That is why the School of Styling is perfect for start-up entrepreneurs (e.g., those in food business and those joining bazaars, expos and fairs, who are looking to beautify their displays and improve their visual merchandising); homemakers and moms, who love to entertain at home and would like to build their skills.

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Each School of Styling workshop consists of an expertly-taught, hands-on workshop by Indy Ycasiano of She Dreams in Ink, a Basic Photography Workshop by LightKeepers Studio, a Business Portfolio Making 101 Workshop by Em Sulit: a powerhouse combination of value! Plus, all students leave with a School of Styling Bag, a Certificate of Attendance, Workshop Modules and are given professionally-taken photos of the event, which they can use on their blogs (if they have them) and social media).

Here’s a snippet of their recent workshop on Home Parties, which featured Indy teaching different techniques and hacks to make the styling process easy, even for those who’ve never had styling experience at all.

Thank you, Em and Indy, for making the Blissmakerie: Mom’s Edition a special one, and for treating it “like a child,” so to speak. I really felt your love, Indy, and I can never repay you for the beauty you created, for the hours spent in conceptualizing, sourcing, setting-up and clearing out. Your gift is that you give, and what you give is life, light and happiness. May School of Styling prosper even more and reach more and more women all over the country and beyond!