The first time I heard the term “life coach” was in the forums of a women’s entrepreneur group I joined made up of American bloggers. At the time, I didn’t think it was something I needed. “Why should I talk to a perfect stranger about my life?” I’d wonder.

It wasn’t until I realized I needed some direction in my life that I first reached out for some coaching. So in early 2013, I connected with Jess Lively (who is an intention coach, a branch of life coaching). She really helped me to realize how I wanted to live my life and do my work, and I’ll always look up to her as the first person to really whisper possibilities into my soul.

Fast forward to 2016, and I found myself again with a life coach, this time here in Manila. When I met Kimi Lu a few months ago, it was the first time I encountered a life coach here in Manila. We had common friends (my cousins, actually! Small world!), so we decided to meet up over coffee one afternoon and get to know each other. She specializes in coaching people towards their potential and loving who they are, using her techniques in Neuro Linguisitic Programming, Reiki Healing and Hypnotherapy. (I’m a believer in these powerful tools, especially since they all worked wonderfully for me when I had my gentle birth experience when Krista was born.)

As a life coach, Kimi has coaching packages you can choose from. She does one-on-one sessions, corporate training, soft skills training, and also group workshops. And guess what? She and I are also going to do a workshop together. We’d been wanting to do this for some time after stalking each other on social media for like two years.

This September 3, 2016, get to work with certified life coach, Kimi Lu, in a unique workshop that combines mindset training, actionable goals and personal branding. (I’ll be doing the personal branding component in this collab, which will help you bring your passion project either to market or to the public so that you can grow it.)

This workshop is called Get BLISStified, and Kimi has actually been teaching this technique even before my blog was named Make it Blissful! Boom. So you can imagine how amazing it was for us to meet and connect on the real concept of bliss. (Yes, it is a real state of awareness, as you will see in professional Reiki sessions with Kimi.)

What this workshop will do: What’s the special thing about this workshop? It’s this: We will be with you for one year to help you make sure you get your passion project launched. ONE YEAR of our time, guys. That’s the first time we’ve made this sort of commitment. That means that each month, we’ll help meet you where you are in your plan for that project and be your support. (How shall we do this? Well, you’ll find out during the workshop.)

When you attend, there are goodies. Everyone will get an inspired, personalized journal. We’ll teach you how to use this for the best results as you begin that passion project that you’ve only been dreaming about. Along with this, you’ll be receiving a special care package to remind you that you have a nurturing support group with you: bodycare products from Origins and from Pure Beaute (VCO-based beauty products), and a copy of Belong Magazine. You will also enjoy a sumptuous afternoon meal by our friends and loyal workshop host, La Creperie. So join us for an afternoon of life COACHING & PERSONAL BRANDING activities that will give you ACTIONABLE STEPS towards creating work that you love. The moment right now is already the beginning of your Passion Project! It’s happening!

Ready to #GetBlisstified? Sign up today by texting or contacting 09174930722

Fee: Php2,500
1. Deposit or Transfer to KIMBERLY LU, Savings Account BPI 1629132461

2. Photo/screen capture of the transaction/deposit slip

3. Send back to the number above as iMessage or Viber.