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The One Woman Shop is a secret resource I’ve consulted throughout the years as I’ve built up my freelance career. It’s a hub for those, like me, who have worked on their own to create small businesses and or platforms to reach women, in particular, who want to craft a life they love. This September, they are coming up with an amazing roundup of products from a variety of creators, which are specially designed for us female solo business owners! Believe me when I say this is a bundle that will change your business, if you put in the hard work. 

What people are saying about the Solopreneur Success Bundle:

The Solopreneur Success Bundle was, for me, a complete no-brainer! It contained an unmissable amount of offerings from incredible solopreneurs that have worked out how to do the things I haven’t — and then offered them out in this generous format, saving me time, money and lots of frustration! This is a wonderful idea, offered in a great spirit of collaboration, for which I am truly grateful. It has helped me fill out lots of ‘knowledge gaps’ and is contributing hugely to the new direction of my business. This bundle is well worth your investment of $99 and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others — and as an added bonus, you get to ‘meet’ lots of new, lovely peeps too :)”

“I am so happy I purchased the bundle! It’s how I discovered One Woman Shop and became a member myself, it was absolutely worth the price!”

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And ladies, the following leading ladies in solopreneur success are part of this package. Get a load of this lineup, please, and tell me this isn’t something you want:

  • Bianca McKenzie – FB Ads for List Building (Value: $)
    • A step-by-step, 6-module course for creating, testing and getting results from Facebook ads. No more second guessing. Grow your mailing list faster and with confidence.

    Brittany Berger – The Productivity Power-Up Workbook (Retail value: $19)

    • Over 50 exercises walking you through a productivity audit for your business to pinpoint what’s holding you back from getting shit done and build a plan for taking back your time.

    Christina Scalera – Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy template (Retail value: $79)

    • Did you know that without a privacy policy, you could be breaking federal law? Use this customizable template to protect yourself and your business.

    Farideh Ceaser – Launch Playbook (Retail value: $98)

    • Digital guide leading you through all the elements of a launch in an easy step-by-step manner, with checklists, budgets, calendars and more.

    Indigo Colton – Hire Your VA in 1 Week (Retail value: $97)

    • The only step-by-step course that walks you through the process of finding, interviewing and hiring your dreamiest virtual assistant.

    Jess Freeman – Create a Year’s Worth of Social Media Graphics (Retail value: $29)

    • This 26-page PDF guide is for entrepreneurs and freelancers who are frustrated by their lack of social engagement, and want to create beautiful, branded social media graphics.

    Kathie Wiehanne – BluChic WordPress theme (Retail value: $79)

    • Feminine WordPress themes that give you confidence that your website is attracting and converting the right customers for your business.

    Kerstin Auer + Danielle Bertoia – tools for better RETREAT (Retail value: $79)

    • Virtual, self-paced retreat combining coaching and yoga that gives you the essential tools for self care. Consisting of 8 lessons, including podcasts, videos, transcripts and worksheets.

    Lauren Bowling – The Grow Your Money Tree Toolkit (Retail value: $7)

    • 20+ page ebook on ways to grow your income both in your 9-5 or via a side hustle, with income goals worksheets and spreadsheets to track your income and spending.

    Leah Kalamakis – Set It & Forget It (Retail value: $247)

    • An online course to teach you advanced email marketing strategies and funnels to automate your newsletter and sales.

    Marianne Manthey – Blog Beautiful (Retail value: $24)

    • A 178-page ebook is more than just a book with a list of tips: It’s a self-paced course for creating a professional looking blog without spending thousands.

    Matt Giovanisci – Asana for Bloggers (Retail value: $25)

    • Matt walks you his live Asana setup for managing his own (super successful) blogs so you can get organized and better at managing yours.

    Melissa Bolton – Get Famous (Retail value: $37)

    • Great publicity is for everyone, not just huge brands. Get Famous teaches you the same strategies Melissa used to get into O Magazine, Working Mother, Entrepreneur, and more.

    Rebecca Tracey – Get Paid – How to Price Your Packages and Services (Retail value: $35)

    • The mother of all how-tos for determining your prices, whether you’re just getting started or have been in biz for a while.

    Sara Funduk – CourseCraft Pro Upgrade, x2 (Retail value: $98)

    • CourseCraft’s Pro upgrade gets you unlimited participants, unlimited uploads, a customized URL, the ability to bundle your courses, and free custom branding.

    Sarah Eggers – HTML and CSS Crash Course for Creative Bloggers (Retail value: $129)

    • Learn the basics of web design through 25 online lectures with in-depth cheat sheets, so you can make simple and engaging design changes in your posts, pages, and overall web design.

    Sarah Morgan – Create. Profit. Party! (Retail value: $29)

  • A start-from-scratch guide to creating passive income, so you can build products and programs that will not only be valuable to your audience, but also allow you to work less.
  • Shannon Mattern – 5 Day Website Challenge + Using Data to Grow Your Biz (Retail value: $54)
    • Learn how to build a WordPress site with 5 step-by-step tutorials, then learn how to use Google Analytics to get more people to your site and convert them to subscribers.

    Shay Cochrane – SC Stockshop Credit (Retail value: $49)

    • The premier shop for the highest caliber of styled stock images by professional commercial stylist and product photographer Shay Cochrane.

    Val Geisler – Growing With Groups (Retail value: $97)

    • A 10-module, DIY course designed to help you navigate marketing your business in Facebook Groups without feeling sleazy, salesy, or silly.



Some of my recommended resources would be:

Building Your Online Community – Cristina Roman + Sara Frandina of One Woman Shop (Value: $49)

What it is: This is a 14-week, step-by-step, action-packed guide you need to kick off and strengthen your online community as a solopreneur.  It’s a product of the One Woman Shop is a resource hub and membership community co-run by Cristina and Sara, who believe that business isn’t one-size-fits-all, and going it alone shouldn’t be lonely.

Kickstart Your Content – Sara Frandina of Sara Frandina Strategies (Value: $29)

What it is: This workbook lets you set actionable goals, learn how to use your audience, competitors, and keyword research to brainstorm, create an epic content plan, and start writing! It’s crafted by Sara, who is a copywriter and the other 1/2 of the One Woman Shop team.

So, bloggers and biz owners, take advantage of this. Limited time availability: The Solopreneur Success Bundle will only be available for purchase from September 12-16 and is ONLY $99. After that, it’s GONE. Remember you will receive a variety of digitally-delivered products, services, and subscriptions so that you can level up your blogs, your businesses.

Affiliate disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means we will receive a commission on products purchased. The products + services I’ve mentioned are those that I believe will benefit you in this Make it Blissful community.